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PowerToys 0.65

2022-12-07 |

PowerToysMicrosoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows 10 experience for greater productivity.

For those who haven’t heard of PowerToys before, it’s a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity. Inspired by the Windows 95 era PowerToys project, this reboot provides power users with tools to squeeze more out of the Windows 10 shell and customize it for their individual workflows. On May 8, 2019, Microsoft relaunched PowerToys and made them open-source on GitHub.


Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 7.0.0

2022-11-09 |

Microsoft .NET FrameworkThe .NET 7.0.0 and .NET SDK 7.0.100 releases are available for download. The latest 7.0 release is always listed at .NET 7.0 Releases.

What’s new in .NET 7
.NET 7 is the next major release of .NET following .NET 6.0. You can see What’s new in .NET 7.0 for more details. You can also find additional details on the following blog posts:
Announcing .NET 7
EF Core
Here is list of some of the additions and updates we’re excited to bring in .NET 7.
EntityFramework Core: bugs | features
.NET SDK bugs


Microsoft .NET Desktop Runtime 6.0.11

2022-11-09 |

Microsoft .NET FrameworkWelcome to .NET 6. Today’s release is the result of just over a year’s worth of effort by the .NET Team and community. C# 10 and F# 6 deliver language improvements that make your code simpler and better. There are massive gains in performance, which we’ve seen dropping the cost of hosting cloud services at Microsoft. .NET 6 is the first release that natively supports Apple Silicon (Arm64) and has also been improved for Windows Arm64. We built a new dynamic profile-guided optimization (PGO) system that delivers deep optimizations that are only possible at runtime. Cloud diagnostics have been improved with dotnet monitor and OpenTelemetry. WebAssembly support is more capable and performant. New APIs have been added, for HTTP/3, processing JSON, mathematics, and directly manipulating memory. .NET 6 will be supported for three years. Developers have already started upgrading applications to .NET 6 and we’ve heard great early results in production. .NET 6 is ready for your app.

You can download .NET 6 for Linux, macOS, and Windows.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8

2019-04-20 |

Microsoft .NET FrameworkMicrosoft released the final version of the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 on April 18, 2019. The new installer for the version is available as a web installer and offline installer; since Microsoft prefers distribution via the web installer, it is difficult to find working offline installer links. You find a working offline installer link attached to this article.

The Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 is a new version of Microsoft’s popular framework. It includes new features, fixes and improvements compared to previous versions.


Microsoft Security Essentials 4.10

2016-12-02 |

Microsoft Security EssentialsMicrosoft Security Essentials(微软安全必备)可以防御运行Windows XP、Vista和Windows 7电脑中的病毒、间谍软件、rootkits和木马.Microsoft Security Essentials软件本身并不可以抵制所有的Web威胁,但是当使用IE8浏览器以及全面更新的Windows操作系统的时候,将会为用户提供完整的安全解决方案.

• Remove most-prevalent malware
• Remove known viruses
• Real-time anti-virus protection
• Remove known spyware
• Real-time anti-spyware protection


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2

2016-08-04 |

Microsoft .NET FrameworkThe Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 is a highly compatible, in-place update to the Microsoft .NET Framework 4/4.5/4.5.1/4.5.2/4.6/4.6.1. The web installer is a small package that automatically determines and downloads only the components applicable for a particular platform.

Supported Operating System
Windows 10 , Windows 7 Service Pack 1, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2

Minimum Hardware Requirements:
1 GHz or faster processor
512 MB of RAM
2.5 GB of available hard disk space (x86)
2.5 GB of available hard disk space (x64)


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2

2014-05-07 |

Microsoft .NET FrameworkThe .NET Framework 4.5.2 Developer Pack is a single package that installs .NET Framework Multi-targeting pack for .NET Framework 4.5.2 and also .NET Framework 4.5.2. Developers can build applications targeting the .NET Framework 4.5.2 using either Visual Studio 2013, Visual Studio 2012 or third party IDEs.
You need to download the web installer from here instead of this package if you intend to redistribute .NET Framework 4.5.2.


Office Proofing Tools 2013 SP1 / 2010 SP2 / 2007 SP3 / 2003 SP3

2014-02-27 |

Office 2013Microsoft Office Proofing Tools 2013 Service Pack 1 (SP1) provides the latest updates for Office Proofing Tools 2013. This service pack includes two kinds of fixes:

Previously unreleased fixes that are included in this service pack. In addition to general product fixes, these fixes include improvements in stability, performance, and security.
All the monthly security updates that were released through January 2014, and all the Cumulative Updates that were released through December 2013.


Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Service Pack 3 Update Rollup 5

2014-02-25 |

ExchangeMicrosoft Exchange Server 2010 SP3 以更高的灵活性、更好的用户体验和对企业通信的更好保护措施,帮助 IT 专业人员实现更高级别的可靠性。

灵活、可靠 – Exchange Server 2010 SP3 提供的灵活性可以让您基于公司的独特需求增减部署,它还提供了更简单的方式让您的用户能够始终连续使用电子邮件。
Anywhere 访问 – Exchange Server 2010 SP3 可以让您的用户能够从几乎任何平台、Web 浏览器或设备自由和安全地访问所有通信方式,包括电子邮件、语音邮件、即时消息等,从而帮助他们完成更多工作。
保护、遵从性 – Exchange Server 2010 SP3 提供了集成的信息丢失保护机制,以及旨在帮助您简化保护公司通信和满足规定要求过程的规范遵从工具。

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Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 2

2013-07-24 |

SharePointMicrosoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 Service Pack 2 (SP2) provides the latest updates for SharePoint Foundation 2010. Additionally, this service pack includes two kinds of fixes:

Previously unreleased fixes that were created specifically for this service pack. In addition to general product fixes, these fixes include improvements in stability, performance, and in security.
All the public updates that were released through May 2013, and all the cumulative updates that were released through April 2013.