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CDHaha Download http://down.cdhaha.net http://Down.CDHaha.Net/ Thu, 16 Sep 2021 09:00:11 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.18 Vivaldi 4.2 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=1226 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=1226#respond Thu, 16 Sep 2021 08:59:19 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=1226 VivaldiVivaldi is a web browser built for – and with – the web. A browser that is fast, but also a browser that is rich in functionality, highly flexible and puts the user first. A browser that is made for you. Vivaldi is produced with love by a founding team of browser pioneers, including Jon von Tetzchner, who co-founded and led Opera Software.

Vivaldi browser runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. If you would like to download Vivaldi for a different platform than the one you are currently running, please choose from the list of current builds below.

Here’s a look at a few features that make Vivaldi the ultimate web power tool for those who need it most.

Tab Stacks: Feel like you have too many tabs open? Vivaldi solves that with tab stacks. Drop tabs on top of each other to create a stack. It’s the fastest way to reduce clutter and keep organized. And when you’re ready to switch between tabs, Vivaldi has a number of customizations for that too.
Tab Stack Tiling: Have a big screen? Tile that tab stack and see multiple pages at the same time! With multiple tab stacks, it is like having multiple desktops!
Sessions: Take browser management to the next level. Save your favorite set of tabs as a session for later retrieval.
Notes: The perfect tool for researchers. Mark that quote and save it as a note. Vivaldi can remember which site you were browsing at the time, and allow you to take screenshots as well.
Quick commands: Access open tabs, bookmarks, history, settings and more through a command interface.
Mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts: If you really want to operate the browser at lightning speed. Mouse gestures turn a flick of the wrist into almost any action in the browser. Keyboard shortcuts do the same with simple key combinations.
Speed Dial: Your favorite sites and bookmarks easily accessible from any blank tab. Include Groups and Folders for even more Speed Dials!
Better bookmarks: Access your bookmarks from the bookmarks panel, bookmarks manager, bookmark bar and of course Speed Dial.
Web Panels: View websites in your Vivaldi sidebar. The perfect way to browse tweets, Facebook posts, or chat alongside your primary browsing window. We like to say it’s the next best thing to a “Boss button” for the web.
Personalized: Vivaldi adapts to you, not the other way around. We made Vivaldi the most customizable browser, all based on feedback from millions of users. In fact, there are more than 1 million different ways to make Vivaldi your perfect browser.
Plenty more features to discover to ensure you stay productive and effective on the web. Plus, Vivaldi supports Chrome add-ons, although hopefully you won’t need too many with so many features available out of the box.

Vivaldi on Desktop Changelog from 4.1 to 4.2

[New][Translate] Selected text on web pages (VB-80726)
[New][QR][Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Add an option to create QR codes more easily (VB-82045)
[New][Panels] Offer a scrollbar so that more web panels are possible (VB-35633)
[New][Search] Add Neeva search engine for American English users (VB-82474)
[New][Bookmarks] Create a special favicon for bookmarklets with protocol javascript: (VB-20247)
[New][Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Add command for “Go to Parent Directory” (VB-82462)
[New][Commands][Keyboard][Gestures] Add command for “Minimize All” (VB-82478)
[New][Menus] Add menu option to open link in a specific browser window (VB-78071)
[Address Bar] Collapses when opening nested popup (VB-80030)
[Address bar][QR] Scanning icon is blurry (VB-82442)
[Bookmarks] Make all bookmarklet icons look the same (VB-82589)
[Bookmarks] Open a bookmark folder opens tabs with separator’s URLs (VB-82038)
[Bookmarks] Wrong sort order on the bookmark bar (VB-82084)
[Calendar Beta] Add calendar button in the status bar (VB-57571)
[Calendar Beta] CalDAV invalid sync token or out of sync (VB-82591)
[Calendar Beta] Changing colors and names for Web Calendars doesn’t work (VB-81872)
[Calendar Beta] Comma in the title is escaped with backslash (VB-76073)
[Calendar Beta] Import iCal file into CalDAV calendar does not upload events to the server (VB-80968)
[Calendar Beta] Incorrect jumping of days when moving down in month view (VB-65345)
[Calendar Beta] Keyboard navigation breaks for the long events (VB-79067)
[Calendar Beta] Notification dismisses a currently shown one (VB-82176)
[Calendar Beta] Open during onboarding opens a duplicate tab (VB-82248)
[Calendar Beta] Recurring task created with incorrect duration (VB-82032)
[Calendar Beta] Setting up CalDAV iCloud account hangs (VB-82615)
[Calendar Beta] Wrong color for – and + buttons in Popup editor (VB-82223)
[Chains] Periodic Reload only works at 60 seconds (VB-81363)
[Chains][Settings] Does not appear in Quick Actions, unless “Bookmarks” is checked in ‘Quick Commands > Search Types and Priority’ (VB-81869)
[Chains][Settings] Use Label as Tooltip (VB-81559)
[Chromium] Upgraded to 93.0.4577.83
[Contacts Beta] Quickly deleting many recipients from composer freezes browser (VB-82385)
[Crash] On inserting a note in a form on a Guest Window (VB-82621)
[Crash] When opening links from private window popup (VB-82142)
[Crash] When wheel-clicking quoted tweets (VB-77203)
[Developer Tools] Can not inspect iframe (VB-82239)
[Extensions] Clicking extension action buttons in popup fails (VB-82560)
[Extensions] browser action popup window confirm does not work (VB-28498)
[Extensions] chrome.extension.getViews({ type: ‘popup’ }) is suppose to return an empty array if the popup window is not open (VB-81714)
[Fullscreen] F11 does not work on second screen (VB-64437)
[Fullscreen] Statusbar not hidden in fullscreen although disabled in settings (VB-70712)
[Fullscreen] Still in Video fullscreen on second screen if focused away (VB-64433)
[Fullscreen] Tab bar, the address bar, and status bar not visible if Vivaldi is restarted full screen (VB-76024)
[Fullscreen][Panels] Reopening in fullscreen hides / shows the panel (VB-50996)
[macOS] Can’t paste URL into the new tab address bar with the mouse (VB-61371)
[macOS] Ignore temporary connectivity issues for upgrade notification (VB-82264)
[macOS] No menu or settings entry to disable spell checking (VB-22298)
[macOS] “Quit Vivaldi” appears twice in Command Chains (VB-80314)
[macOS][Menus] Paste & Match Style command is missing (VB-81223)
[Mail Beta] Add option for Mail search using enter key rather than onKeyDown (VB-82160)
[Mail Beta] Allow importing from another source without closing the dialog (VB-82426)
[Mail Beta] Compose buttons should not be placed beside the history buttons (VB-82341)
[Mail Beta] Enabling accounts after import fails (VB-80613)
[Mail Beta] Import from M2 with no username makes invalid accounts (VB-82399)
[Mail Beta] Needs to be smarter at handling brackets in URLs (VB-48850)
[Mail Beta] No mail selected when clicking the folder in mail panel (VB-36349)
[Mail Beta] Not reconnecting to IMAP server after hibernation (VB-82395)
[Mail Beta] Render colored icons in mail flag menus (VB-82226)
[Mail Beta] Reset search when filter text is cleared (VB-82267)
[Mail Beta] Saved filters fail to filter from: and to: correctly (VB-82676)
[Mail Beta] Saved searches return all messages when there is no match (VB-82678)
[Mail Beta] Scheduled theme causes open mail item to reload, losing scroll position (VB-69313)
[Mail Beta] Search for to, cc, bcc does not work when prefetch is turned on (VB-82420)
[Mail Beta] Searching for emails fails when no space between from: to: or cc: and email (VB-82677)
[Mail Beta] Status bar mail popup list emails are not being marked as read (VB-78551)
[Mail Beta] The count of new unread messages shows unread +1 (VB-80782)
[Menus] %s in the context menu with certain languages applied (VB-81553)
[Menus] Capitalization wrong in the main menu (VB-81712)
[Menus] Incorrect shortcut rendering in Menu Settings (VB-81492)
[Menus] Menu is visible in fullscreen mode (VB-81692)
[Menus] Wrong underlining of numbered menu items (VB-82257)
[Notes][Panels] Edit area remembers where expansion ended even when the expansion was over the limit (VB-64703)
[Reader] View icon visible on Start Page (VB-71136)
[Search] Update DuckDuckGo search favicon (VB-82131)
[Settings] Rename ‘home’ to ‘homepage’ under ‘Keyboard > Page’ (VB-81710)
[Settings] “Minimize All” does not work on all windows (VB-82486)
[Settings][Bookmarks] Default Bookmark Bar cannot be changed (VB-81911)
[Speed Dial] Horizontal Speed Dial page transition is broken (VB-82149)
[Tabs] Can’t close the tab when “Align Next Close Button” disabled (VB-82222)
[Tabs] Incorrect inactive tab background with Accordion Tab Stacking on and Transparent Tab Bar on (VB-81579)
[Tabs] Opening and closing tabs slow with many tabs: work in progress (VB-80215)
[Tabs] Popup is reloaded when a tab is reloaded (VB-81908)
[Tabs] Popup title is set on all windows (VB-82553)
[Tabs] Show popup thumbnail doesn’t update anymore (VB-82036)
[Tabs] Tab Stack thumbnail preview doesn’t scroll in vertical Tab Bar (VB-76769)
[Tabs] Vertical tabs have a selection width limit (VB-81938)
[Tabs] With changing the title is hard to Drag’n’Drop (VB-81437)
[Tabs] “Remove from Tab Stack” unstacks the entire stack instead of just removing an active tab from the stack (VB-82079)
[Tabs][Panels][Keyboard] New tab (Ctrl+T) creates two tabs when Windows Panel is visible and Tab Bar is hidden (VB-81887)
[Themes] Add Issuna theme for Manjaro (VB-82738)
[Themes] Context menu icons should be rendered white in dark OS theme (VB-82253)
[Translate] Batch up more strings before sending for translation by throttling scroll events (VB-82489)
[Updates] Profile selection window on startup interferes with auto-update (VB-82027)
[User Profiles][Panels] Don’t add default Web Panels to Guest Window (VB-78253)
[Windows][Linux] Vertical Tab Bar scrollbar width should follow the setting (VB-82266)
[Zoom] Session restored tab fails to update page zoom correctly (VB-82512)


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doPDF 11.2 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=199 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=199#respond Wed, 15 Sep 2021 11:31:58 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=199 doPDFdoPDF 是一个不论个人或是商业使用都是免费的 PDF 打印机。 使用 doPDF 你可以在任何程序中藉由选择 “打印” 命令来建立 PDF 文件。 鼠标简单的点一下,你就可以将微软的 Excel、Word、PowerPoint 文件、电子邮件或是喜爱的网页转换成 PDF 文件。

doPDF 会安装成一个虚拟的打印机,所以安装完成后会出现在控制台里的打印机和传真中。 你只要将文件送至免费的 PDF 转换程序 – doPDF 打印,就可以将文件转换为 PDF 文件。 使用微软的 Word、WordPad、记事本或是任何软件打开文件,选择使用 doPDF 打印, 程序会询问你要将 PDF 文件存放在那个文件夹,转换完成后会使用预设的 PDF 阅读程序打开 PDF 文件。

使用此免费 PDF 打印机的主要好处:
* 免费! – 个人或是商业使用都是免费的 PDF 打印机。
* 支持 32 及 64 位系统 – 可以安装在 32 及 64 位系统的操作系统上。\
* 不需安装 GhostScript – 不需要第三方软件,像是 GhostScript 或是 .NET Framework 就可以建立 PDF 文件,这使得 doPDF 程序的文件大小,要比其它免费 PDF 打印机小非常多。
* 自定义分辨率 – 你可以选择从 72 dpi 到 2400 dpi 的任何分辨率。
* 预先设定/自定义的页面大小 – 选择预先设定好的页面大小(Letter, Legal, A4, A5, A6, …),或是自行输入你想要使用的页面大小。
* 可搜索 PDF 文件内的文字 – 你可以搜索建立好的 PDF 文件内的文字(搜索引擎会列出 PDF 文件找到的文字)。
* 多国语言 – 从已支持的 20 种语言中,选择一种语言当成是程序的介面语言。 (翻译人员.)
* 尽你的能力来救地球 – 为什么不建立 PDF 文件来取代消耗宝贵的纸张打印文件?拯救地球上的绿树!
* 使用极少的电脑资源 – 和其它免费的 PDF 打印机比较起来,doPDF 使用极少的内存或是 CPU 资源就可以转换文件为 PDF 文件。

doPDF 11.2.187 changelog:
Updated: UI and language update
Fixed: Error when printing to a paused printer
Fixed: Error message when trying to overwrite an open PDF


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Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2021.007 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=1084 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=1084#respond Wed, 15 Sep 2021 03:44:12 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=1084 Adobe Acrobat Reader DCAdobe Acrobat Reader DC software is the free, trusted standard for viewing, printing, signing, and annotating PDFs. It’s the only PDF viewer that can open and interact with all types of PDF content – including forms and multimedia. It’s connected to Adobe Document Cloud – so you can work with PDFs on computers and mobile devices.

Adobe Document Cloud is a revolutionary, modern and efficient way to get work done with documents in the office, at home or on-the-go. At the heart of Document Cloud is the all-new Adobe Acrobat DC, which will take e-signatures mainstream by delivering free e-signing with every individual subscription. Document Cloud includes a set of integrated services that use a consistent online profile and personal document hub. With Adobe Document Cloud, people will be able to create, review, approve, sign and track documents whether on a desktop or mobile device. Businesses will be able to take advantage of Document Cloud for enterprise which provides enterprise-class document services that integrate into systems of record such as CRM, HCM, CLM, and CMS, adding speed, efficiency and transparency to getting business done with documents.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC new feature highlights:

Work with PDFs from anywhere with the new, free Acrobat DC mobile app for Android or iOS. Select functionality is also available on Windows Phone.
Use the new Fill & Sign tool in your desktop software to complete PDF forms fast with smart autofill. Download the free Adobe Fill & Sign mobile app to add the same option to your iPad or Android tablet device.
Save money on ink and toner when printing from your Windows PC.
Store and access files in Adobe Document Cloud with 5GB of free storage.
Get instant access to recent files across desktop, web, and mobile devices with Mobile Link.
Sync your Fill & Sign autofill collection across desktop, web, and iPad devices.


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AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=162 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=162#comments Tue, 14 Sep 2021 02:19:58 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=162 atiAMD Ryzen™ Chipset Driver
Package Includes:
AMD Chipset Drivers
AMD Ryzen™ Power Plans (required for UEFI CPPC2 in Windows® 10 May 2019 Update)

Release Highlights
Windows® 11 support added.

Known Issues
Manual system restart required on Non-English OS after the installation is complete.
Windows® Installer pop-up message may appear during the installation.
Uninstall summary log may incorrectly show uninstall status as fail on non-English OS.
May observe a pop-up message “AMD Chipset Software is not responding” when the installer is launched and UI screen is clicked.

AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO Processor
AMD Ryzen™ 5000 Series Desktop Processor
3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processors
3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processor
2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processor
2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processor
AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processor
AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ Processor
AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processor with Radeon™ Graphics
AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processor with Radeon™ Graphics
7th-Gen AMD A-Series Processors
AMD B350 Chipset
AMD A320 Chipset
AMD X370 Chipset
AMD X399 Chipset
AMD B450 Chipset
AMD X470 Chipset
AMD X570 Chipset
AMD B550 Chipset
AMD A520 Chipset
AMD TRX40 Chipset
AMD WRX80 Chipset

http://down.cdhaha.net/?feed=rss2&p=162 3
AMD Radeon Adrenalin Edition 21.9.1 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=366 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=366#respond Tue, 14 Sep 2021 01:00:02 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=366 AMDRadeon™ Software has been designed to provide you with a clean, modern and easy-to-use interface where you can quickly access the latest software features, game stats, performance reports, driver updates, and much more – all from one convenient location. Take advantage of the ALT+R hotkey to open Radeon Software directly in-game, making it even more convenient and easy to adjust your favorite features and get a fantastic gaming experience.

It’s that time again, time for a big update from AMD Radeon with the latest Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 21.4.1 that comes with some great quality of life improvements for Radeon users. One quick mention right up front is there is no inclusion of Radeon FidelityFX Super Resolution so if you were hoping this was the time for it to shine then you’re going to have to wait still, however, Radeon Boost VRS is quite a huge addition from where I stand.

AMD has made a habit of release very large updates in the past with the near-annual release of a massive update to their software suite with solid intervals between delivering more Day Zero drivers than ever in the past and the latest 21.4.1 driver is enhancing many of those features as well as bringing some new changes to the table.

Radeon™ Software Adrenalin 21.9.1 Highlights
Support For
Call of Duty® Vanguard Open Beta
AMD Smart Access Memory on Radeon™ RX 5000 Series Graphics

Added Vulkan® Support
This extension allows implementations to use the null constant initializer on shader workgroup memory variables. This in turn allows applications that run untrusted content to defeat memory-scraping attacks.
This extension adds support for the integer dot product SPIR-V instructions defined in SPV_KHR_integer_dot_product. The SPV_KHR_integer_dot_product extension allows dot product operations on integer vectors with optional accumulation. In addition to allowing dot product operations for all input vector types, it also allows integer dot product for 4-component vectors of 8-bit integers that are packed into 32-bit integers.
This extension provides shaders with the capability to perform 16-bit floating-point atomic operations on buffer and workgroup memory. It additionally allows floating-point atomic minimum and maximum operations on buffer, workgroup, and image memory.
This extension allows an application to specify the contents within the render area that will not modified or can be expected to be undefined after rendering.

Fixed Issues
Visual artifacts in PAYDAY™ 2 may be observed during gameplay on some AMD Graphics products such as Radeon™ RX 6800 XT.
Connecting two displays with large differences in resolution/refresh rates may cause flickering on Radeon RX Vega series graphics products.
On Radeon™ RX 5500 XT Graphics, higher than expected memory clock speed and power consumption may be experienced when idle and the display’s resolution and refresh rate are set to specific values such as 1080p @ 60Hz.
While playing Assassin’s Creed® Odyssey, driver timeouts or black screens may be experienced on some AMD Graphics products such as Radeon™ RX 480 Graphics when the user quickly navigates through the game menus or swiftly looks around an environment with their character.

Known Issues
Open Broadcaster Software™ may continue to run in the background after a user ends a recording session and closes the application.
Driver timeouts may be experienced while playing a game & streaming a video simultaneously on some AMD Graphics products such as Radeon™ RX 500 Series Graphics.
AMD Radeon™ Software may crash or become unresponsive while playing some DirectX® 11 games such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds™ with multiple displays connected in extended mode.
Playing Horizon Zero Dawn™ for an extended period may lead to a driver timeout or game crash on some AMD Graphics products such as Radeon™ RX 6700 XT.
Enhanced Sync may cause a black screen to occur when enabled on some games and system configurations. Any users who may be experiencing issues with Enhanced Sync enabled should disable it as a temporary workaround.
Radeon performance metrics and logging features may intermittently report extremely high and incorrect memory clock values.

AMD Link for Windows Known Issues
Intermittent grey frame corruption might be observed when streaming with HEVC on certain configurations via an Internet connection. A workaround is to use the AVC encoding setting instead.

Package Contents
The Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.9.1 installation package contains the following:

Radeon Software Adrenalin 21.9.1 Driver Version for Windows® 10 (Windows Driver Store Version 30.0.13017.1004).


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Monkey’s Audio 7.01 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=52 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=52#respond Mon, 13 Sep 2021 08:14:25 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=52 apeMonkey’s Audio is a fast and easy way to compress digital music. Unlike traditional methods such as mp3, ogg, or wma that permanently discard quality to save space, Monkey’s Audio only makes perfect, bit-for-bit copies of your music. That means it always sounds perfect – exactly the same as the original. Even though the sound is perfect, it still saves a lot of space (think of it as a beefed-up Winzip™ your music). The other great thing is that you can always decompress your Monkey’s Audio files back to the exact, original files. That way, you’ll never have to recopy your CD collection to switch formats, and you’ll always be able to perfectly recreate the original music CD.

Version 7.01 (September 12, 2021)

Fixed: An overflow could happen with some files in the 7.00 release and cause a crash.
Fixed: Some valid files would fail to verify or decompress with the 7.00 release.

Version 7.00 (September 11, 2021)

NEW: Drastically increased the performance (especially of 32-bit compiles). A huge thanks to Robert Kausch!


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Mozilla Firefox 92.0 / 91.0 ESR http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=86 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=86#comments Tue, 07 Sep 2021 01:00:00 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=86 Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox is a fast, full-featured Web browser. Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows you more of the page than any other browser and a number of additional features that work with you to help you get the most out of your time online.

Quantum is Mozilla’s project to build the next-generation web engine for Firefox users, building on the Gecko engine as a solid foundation. Quantum will leverage the fearless concurrency of Rust and high-performance components of Servo to bring more parallelization and GPU offloading to Firefox.

Firefox (Quantum) users will be impressed by the modern new design that puts their needs first. With the new (fast and fluid Photon) design, Firefox leaps ahead with a new interface that reflects today’s reality of High DPI displays and users who are more task focused than they’ve ever been. Photon doesn’t just look good, it’s also smarter. If you’re using Photon on a Windows PC with a touch display, the menus change size based on whether you click with a mouse or touch with a finger.

The new, minimalist design introduces square tabs, smooth animations, and a Library, which provides quick access to your saved stuff: bookmarks, Pocket, history, downloads, tabs, and screenshots. Firefox Quantum feels right at home with today’s mouse and touch-driven operating systems: Windows 10, macOS High Sierra, Android Oreo, and iOS 11.

Firefox has historically run mostly on just one CPU core, but Quantum takes advantage of multiple CPU cores in today’s desktop and mobile devices much more effectively. This improved utilization of your computer’s hardware makes Firefox Quantum dramatically faster.

Firefox Quantum enhances Firefox’s integration with Pocket, the read-it-later app that Mozilla acquired last year. When you open a new tab, you’ll see currently trending web pages recommended by Pocket users so you won’t miss out on what’s hot online, as well as your top sites.

A focus on privacy brings an option to turn on tracking protection, which blocks known tracking scripts, at all times, not just in private browsing mode. Protection against HTML5 canvas fingerprinting – another way that users can be tracked around the internet – will be released in v58, This is a feature borrowed from Tor Browser.

Firefox includes pop-up blocking, tab-browsing, integrated Google search, simplified privacy controls, a streamlined browser window that shows you more of the page than any other browser and a number of additional features that work with you to help you get the most out of your time online.

Version 92.0, first offered to Release channel users on September 7, 2021

We’d like to extend a special thank you to all of the new Mozillians who contributed to this release of Firefox!

More secure connections: Firefox can now automatically upgrade to HTTPS using HTTPS RR as Alt-Svc headers.
Full-range color levels are now supported for video playback on many systems.
Mac users can now access the macOS share options from the Firefox File menu.
Support for images containing ICC v4 profiles is enabled on macOS.

Firefox performance with screen readers and other accessibility tools is no longer severely degraded if Mozilla Thunderbird is installed or updated after Firefox.
macOS VoiceOver now correctly reports buttons and links marked as ‘expanded’ using the aria-expanded attribute.
An open alert in a tab no longer causes performance issues in other tabs using the same process.
Various security fixes

The bookmark toolbar menus on macOS now follow Firefox visual styles.
Certificate error pages have been redesigned for a better user experience.
Continuing work to restructure Firefox’s JavaScript memory management to be more performant and use less memory.

Various bug fixes and new policies have been implemented in the latest version of Firefox. See more details in the Firefox for Enterprise 92 Release Notes.

==========Firefox 92.0==========

==========Firefox 91.0 ESR==========

Eng Win64

简中 Win64

Eng Win32

简中 Win32

Eng Mac

简中 Mac

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Microsoft Edge 93 Stable http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=629 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=629#respond Fri, 03 Sep 2021 00:08:40 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=629 Microsoft EdgeMicrosoft Edge is a web browser developed by Microsoft. It was first released for Windows 10 and Xbox One in 2015, then for Android and iOS in 2017, and for macOS in 2019.

Edge includes integration with Cortana and has extensions hosted on the Microsoft Store. Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge does not support the legacy ActiveX and BHO technologies.

Originally built with Microsoft’s own EdgeHTML and Chakra engines, in 2019 Edge was rebuilt as a Chromium-based browser, using the Blink and V8 engines. As part of this change (codenamed Anaheim), Microsoft has made the preview builds of Chromium-based Edge available on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and macOS, in addition to Windows 10. Microsoft released the first Chromium-based Edge version on January 15, 2020.

According to StatCounter, in August 2019 Edge overtook the market share of Internet Explorer (IE) on PC, Edge in fourth place and IE in fifth. While IE’s share dropped, no single version of Edge is more popular than Internet Explorer 11. The market share for Edge remains low, with IE following in this trend. However, combining the market share of Edge and IE, Microsoft’s browsers are third place in PC browser market share, Chrome being first and Firefox second. Mobile versions of Edge exist for Android and iOS, however they have little to no market share. On Microsoft consoles, Edge replaced IE as the dominant browser a few months after its release in 2015.

Market share varies by region. On some days of the week, Edge takes second place with a 10.02% share in the US on PC, and Firefox and Edge have very similar share globally, switch places for second and third rank depending on the day.

Version 93.0.961.38: September 02

Stable channel security updates are listed here.

Feature updates

Initial Preferences in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge now supports a limited number of Initial Preferences (formerly Master Preferences). IT admins can deploy these settings as default before the browser is run for the first time by their users. Additional information here: Configure Microsoft Edge using Initial Preferences settings for the first run.

IE mode on Microsoft Edge will support “no-merge” behavior. For an end-user, when a new browser window is launched from an IE mode application, it will be in a separate session, similar to the no-merge behavior in IE11. You will need to adjust your site list to configure sites that need to prevent session sharing as “no-merge”. Behind the scenes, for each window of Microsoft Edge, the first time an IE mode tab is visited within that window, if it is one of the designated “no-merge” sites, that window is locked into a different “no-merge” IE session from all other Microsoft Edge windows at least until the last IE mode tab is closed in that window. This follows previous behavior where users could launch IE with no-merge and could also launch Microsoft Edge without no-merge via other mechanisms. Additional information here: IE mode troubleshooting and FAQ | Microsoft Docs

New policy to stop implicit sign in. The ImplicitSignInEnabled policy allows system administrators to disable implicit sign-in on Microsoft Edge browsers.

Policies to bypass ClickOnce and DirectInvoke prompts. We have updated our policies to enable bypassing ClickOnce’s prompts and DirectInvoke’s app for specified file types, from specified domains. To do this, you will need to:
Enable ClickOnceEnabled or DirectInvokeEnabled
Enable AutoOpenFileTypes policy and set the list of specific file types that ClickOnce and DirectInvoke should be disabled for
Enable the AutoOpenAllowedForURLs policy and set the list of specific domains that ClickOnce and DirectInvoke will be disabled for.

Note: AutoOpenAllowedForURLs is a supporter policy for AutoOpenFileTypes. If AutoOpenAllowedForURLs is not set and AutoOpenFileTypes is set, then file types listed will automatically open from all URLs.

Tab Groups. We are turning on tab grouping which provides the ability to categorize tabs into user-defined groups and helps you more effectively find, switch and manage tabs across multiple workstreams.

Hide the title bar while using Vertical Tabs. Get the extra few pixels back by hiding the browser’s title bar, while in Vertical Tabs. Now you can go to edge://settings/appearance and under the Customize Toolbar section select the option to hide the title bar while in Vertical Tab mode.

Video Picture in Picture (PiP) from hover toolbar. When you hover over a supported video, a toolbar will appear that allows you to view that video in a PiP window. Please note: this is currently available for Microsoft Edge users on macOS.

Removal of 3DES in TLS. Support for the TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA cipher suite will be removed. This change is happening in the Chromium project, on which Microsoft Edge is based. For more information, navigate to the Chrome Platform Status entry. Additionally, in Microsoft Edge version 93, the TripleDESEnabled policy will be available to support scenarios that need to preserve compatibility with outdated servers. This compatibility policy will become obsolete and stop working in Microsoft Edge version 95. Ensure that you update affected servers before then.


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PowerToys 0.45.0 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=18 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=18#respond Fri, 03 Sep 2021 00:00:23 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=18 PowerToysMicrosoft PowerToys is a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows 10 experience for greater productivity.

For those who haven’t heard of PowerToys before, it’s a set of utilities for power users to tune and streamline their Windows experience for greater productivity. Inspired by the Windows 95 era PowerToys project, this reboot provides power users with tools to squeeze more out of the Windows 10 shell and customize it for their individual workflows. On May 8, 2019, Microsoft relaunched PowerToys and made them open-source on GitHub.

PowerToys for Windows 10 comes with the following utilities:

Color Picker adds a tool for color identification (in HEX, RGB, CMYK, HSL and HSV, among others).
FancyZones adds a window manager that makes it easier for users to create and use complex window layouts.
File Explorer (Preview Panes) adds SVG and Markdown previews to File Explorer.
Image Resizer adds a context menu to File Explorer for resizing images.
Keyboard Manager adds options for remapping keys and shortcuts.
PowerRename adds an option for users to rename files using search and replace or regular expression in File Explorer.
PowerToys Run adds a Spotlight-like tool that allows users to search for folders, files, applications, and other items.
Shortcut Guide adds a full screen overlay that allows the user to view the windows key shortcuts available in the current window.
Awake adds a system tray tool to keep a device awake and prevent Windows from allowing a device to sleep or hibernate.

PowerToys 0.45.0 changelog:

Removed ModuleImageLink. Thanks @niels9001!
Replaced theme radiobuttons settings with combobox. Thanks @niels9001!
Consolidated to one testing framework for C# components of the project. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
StyleCop and warnings fix. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
Removed unused namespace alias. Thanks @jakeoeding!
Standardized .NET JSON on System.Text.Json. Thanks @royvou!
Fixed various .xaml broken links and icons. Thanks @Jay-o-Way!
Updated name property in “Edit layout” and “Create custom layout” controls to not include private Unicode characters. Thanks @niels9001!
Changed bitmask variable from size_t to uint64_t which will enable PowerToys to support more than 40 zones per layout.
Adjusted telemetry to better disambiguate when PowerToys Run launches at startup.
Plugins “Direct activation phrase” setting renamed to “Direct activation string”. Thanks @niels9001!
Updated environment variables when changed. Thanks @dchristensen!

Settings and OOBE windows updated with Fluent UX! We hope you enjoy the new modern feel of the application menus as we align our product with upcoming Windows 11 interfaces. Special thanks to @niels9001 for driving the development of this UI, along with many thanks to the various community members who offered constant feedback and adjustments to make this a truly spectacular update!
Added button to settings which displays version history. Thanks @niels9001!
Signed PowerToysSetupCustomActions.dll.
Improved Update available & Update ready message severity visual. Thanks @niels9001!
Improved auto-update experience. Thanks @niels9001!
Aligned OOBE theme color with Settings theme color. Thanks @niels9001!
Adjusted labeling of “Restart as Administrator” button to “Restart PowerToys as Administrator” to avoid ambiguity in meaning. Thanks @niels9001!
Added colored icons to settings sidebar. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed accessibility issue in OOBE where Microsoft Docs and PowerToys release notes links could not be navigated to via keyboard. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed settings header alignment. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed updates text next being visible when in light mode. Thanks @niels9001!
Updated “Learn More” text to be more descriptive. Thanks @niels9001!
Updated “Read more” text on updates to be more descriptive. Thanks @niels9001!
Added link to documentation in system tray. Thanks @BenConstable9!
Fixed error caused by file in use issues when installing PowerToys.
Fixed issue where opening settings from start menu didn’t work when PowerToys was run as admin. Thanks @davidegiacometti!

Added Awake as option in translation bug template. Thanks @Aaron-Junker!
Adjusted description of inactive setting to improve distinguishing between the utility being disabled vs inactive. Thanks @niels9001!

Color Picker
Fixed bug where changing RGB values doesn’t update color’s HEX value. Thanks @martinchrzan!
Fixed accessibility issue with screen reader not announcing when “Copied to Clipboard” is activated.
Fixed accessibility issue where user could not hover the content of the info icon using a mouse. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed color picker format order not being accessible via keyboard. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed accessibility issue where screen reader announces incorrect name for “Editor color format” button and not announcint “Toggle switch” button at all. Thanks @niels9001!

Adjusted “Save and apply” editor button to adjust with text size for localizations. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed “Create new layout” button visibility when in high contrast mode. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed scaling quirks related to editor UI. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed editor crashing when double clicking the “edit layout” button.
Fixed issue with editor crashing immediately after displaying zones.
Fixed bug when navigating editor options via keyboard where pressing enter on unselected Canvas option launches Grid editor instead.
Fixed issue where FancyZones would not restore Console Applications.
Fixed Canvas editor and Grid editor window heights. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed crash due to KERNELBASE.dll.
Fixed FancyZone icons to be smoother at higher DPI settings. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed crash when changing between zone layouts.
Fixed regression where FancyZones does not resize windows on layout change.
Adjusted layout settings to reset shortcut key after canceling changes on a particular layout.

File Explorer add-ons
Fixed issue where markdown files were still previewed even when “Enable Markdown” was unselected.

Image Resizer
Added warning that GIF files with animations may no correctly resize if the encoding used for the files is incompatible.

Keyboard Manager
Improved UI for KBM re-mappings list. Thanks @niels9001!

Expanding a plugin option in settings can now be toggled. Thanks @niels9001!
Fixed race condition causing PowerRename to crash File Explorer. Thanks @ianjoneill!

PowerToys Run
Fixed lag caused from PowerToys running in background and invoking Alt-Tab.
Resolved file not found exception when loading “System.Windows.Controls.Ribbon”.
Fixed null reference exception crash.
Fixed registry plugin load crash.
Fixed unauthorized access exception crash when setting registry keys for the utility.
Improved visibility of warnings when plugin properties are collapsed. Thanks @niels9001!
Added search for Plugin Manager. Thanks @davidegiacometti!
Fixed VSCode workspace plugin not working. Thanks @BenConstable9!

Video Conference Mute
Fixed toolbar top right vertical offset to allow users to close other app windows.
Fixed compatibility issues for certain systems when compiling from source.
Fixed toolbox from persisting on screen.
Fixed microphone unmuting when changing Video Conference Mute toolbar position.
Added Video Conference Mute to OOBE.

Community contributions
We’d like to directly mention certain contributors (in alphabetical order) for their continued community support this month and helping directly make PowerToys a better piece of software.

@Aaron-Junker, @BenConstable9, @davidegiacometti, @dchristensen, @dend, @franky920920, @htcfreek, @ianjoneill, @jakeoeding, @Jay-o-Way, @jsoref, @martinchrzan, @niels9001 and @royvou

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Google Chromium 95 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=11 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=11#comments Wed, 01 Sep 2021 04:02:42 +0000 http://down.cdhaha.net/?p=11 ChromiumChromium是一个由Google主导开发的网页浏览器,以BSD许可证等多重自由版权发行并开放源代码。Chromium的开发可能早自2006年即开始,设计思想基于简单、高速、稳定、安全等理念,在架构上使用了Apple发展出来的WebKit排版引擎、Safari的部份源代码与Firefox的成果,并采用Google独家开发出的V8引擎以提升解译JavaScript的效率,而且设计了“沙盒”、“黑名单”、“无痕浏览”等功能来实现稳定与安全的网页浏览环境。

Chromium是Google为发展自家的浏览器Google Chrome(以下简称Chrome)而开启的计划,所以Chromium相当于Chrome的工程版或称实验版(尽管Chrome自身也有β 版阶段),新功能会率先在Chromium上实现,待验证后才会应用在Chrome上,故Chrome的功能会相对落后但较稳定。




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