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iTunes for Win 12.11

2020-11-19 |

iTunes iTunes is a free application for Mac and PC. It plays all your digital music and video. It syncs content to your iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV. And it’s an entertainment superstore that stays open 24/7.

Organize your music into playlists
Edit file information
Record compact discs
Copy files to an iPod or other digital audio player
Purchase music and videos on the Internet through the built-in iTunes store
Run a visualizer to display graphical effects in time to the music
Encode music into a number of different audio formats.


Music Center for PC 2.3.0

2020-08-05 |

SONY Music CenterA function for transferring music to the audio devices such as the WALKMAN® and playback of High-Resolution Audio content are available.

An application for organizing and transferring music on audio devices manufactured by Sony Music Center for PC.

Sony Music Center for PC is a thoroughly-designed Sony application that allows you to play high-resolution audio content, manage and organize songs within an intuitive environment, play them using network-compatible Sony devices, as well as transfer content to your WALKMAN players.

You can view a comprehensive list with all the supported devices here and other useful information and how to transfer music content here.


Zune 4.8

2011-08-24 |

Zune北京时间昨晚,微软正式发布了Windows Phone 7,将自家旗下的多款产品都集成其中,其中就包括影音播放器Zune。虽然微软Zune系列媒体播放器的硬件销量一直难有起色,但凭借WP7的扶持,Zune的软件界面未来肯定会越来越多的出现在大家面前。

Today we’re releasing the next version of the Zune software. As one of the Zune program managers, I wanted to provide a brief look at what’s new in the 4.8 release, which you can download here. To update your current version, click Settings > Software > General, and then click Check For Updates.

If you already have a Windows Phone, you probably know that the Zune software is a key companion for your device. It allows you to update your phone software, sync photos and videos, shop for apps, and more.

You probably won’t notice too many differences in how Zune 4.8 looks: Most of the changes were designed to pave the way for the next release of Windows Phone, codenamed Mango. Our primary goal with this release was to make the Zune software the best companion for your Mango phone, so the team implemented a few new features and made a bunch of under-the-hood refinements and fixes, including several based on your feedback.


Media Go 1.6

2010-11-27 |

Media Go最大程度地发挥 Sony 便携设备的功能:完美的娱乐管理器 Media Go 可让您随身携带媒体,比以往任何时候都要方便。您可以将音乐、图片和视频从 PC 传输到 Sony 或 Sony Ericsson 便携设备,或者从设备导入到 PC。文件转换易如反掌:Media Go 可自动将媒体转换为适用于设备的格式,同时尽可能保持最佳品质。

方便地与Sony及 Sony Ericsson 便携设备之间相互传输音乐、图片、音频书籍、音频剪辑和视频;
订阅 Podcast 和视频博客,以及自动下载新剧集;
通过 Media Go 的 Podcast 目录探索来自世界各地的新视频和音频 Podcast;
从CD 提取歌曲并将其传输到 Sony 及 Sony Ericsson 便携设备;
从 Gracenote® MusicID® 查找专辑和艺术家的信息以及图片;


Creative MP3 Player Recovery Tool 2.01.03

2009-10-21 |