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2012-09-28 | [84,483]

Google App Engine SDK 1.7.2


Google App EngineGoogle App Engine 可让您在 Google 的基础架构上运行您的网络应用程序。App Engine 应用程序易于构建和维护,并可根据您的访问量和数据存储需要的增长轻松扩展。使用 Google App Engine,将不再需要维护服务器:您只需上传您的应用程序,它便可立即为您的用户提供服务。

您可以使用 Google 企业应用套件通过自己的域名(例如提供应用程序。或者,您可以使用 域上的免费域名来为您的应用程序提供服务。您可以与全世界的人共享您的应用程序,也可以限制为只有贵组织的成员可以访问。

Google App Engine 支持以几种编程语言编写的应用程序。通过 App Engine 的 Java 运行时环境,您可以使用标准 Java 技术(包括 JVM、Java servlet 和 Java 编程语言,或使用基于 JVM 的解释器或解译器的任何其他语言,例如 JavaScript 或 Ruby)构建应用程序。App Engine 还提供一个专用的 Python 运行时环境,该环境包括一个快速 Python 解释器和 Python 标准库。Java 和 Python 运行时环境构建为确保应用程序快速、安全运行,并不受系统上的其他应用程序的干扰。

在 App Engine 中,您只需为您使用的资源付费。没有设置成本,也没有重复的费用。您的应用程序使用的资源,如存储空间和带宽以千兆字节衡量,并以有竞争力的费率收费。您可以控制您的应用程序可以消费的最大资源量,使其一直保持在预算范围内。

可以免费开始使用 App Engine。所有应用程序都可以使用多达 500 MB 的存储空间,以及可支持每月约 500 万页面浏览量的足够的 CPU 和带宽,完全免费。为您的应用程序启用付费后,您的免费配额将提高,您只需为使用的超过免费水平的资源付费。

Google App Engine服务器端和SDK包先后更新到了1.4.0。Google App Engine提供了一个完整的开发堆栈,你可以使用Python或Java来构建和托管网络应用程序。在一定的资源限制内这是免费的,如果你的应用需要额外的计算资源,也能够以极具竞争力的市场定价获得。本次是一个较大的版本更新,受到开发人员的期待。
Version 1.6.4 – March 27, 2012

Billed applications that have specified additional logs retention over 1 GB are now being charged for that storage at $0.24/GB/month (the first gigabyte of logs storage is free). All logs beyond an application’s specified storage limit will be deleted. Please examine your Application Settings page to verify you are retaining the desired amount of logs.
Datastore statistics now show the amount of storage used by application indexes.
We have released an experimental utility for migrating your application’s blobs at the same time you migrate your datastore data. You can opt-in to blob migration in the Admin Console when you start your migration.
We have updated the experimental Backup/Restore functionality to include the option to backup and restore to Google Cloud Storage.
The NDB datastore API is now generally available. For full release notes on the version 0.9.9 and 1.0.0 fixes that have been integrated into the API see:
In the Python 2.7 runtime, Background threads are available as an experimental release when using App Engine backends.
Using the Blobstore API’s serve_blob() method, your application can serve objects hosted on Google Storage for Developers.
The Admin Console now provides a Memcache viewer that lists Memcache stats and can display Memcache content based on key.
In the Capabilities API stub in the SDK, you can now enable or disable a capability using SetPackagedEnabled.
The Windows installer now prompts to install Python 2.7 instead of Python 2.5.
The Testbed API now supports the Capabilities API.
GQL queries in the Admin Console no longer throw an error when a trailing semi-colon is included.
The Datastore API now includes a NonTransactional decorator to ensure that a function is run outside of a transaction. Existing transactions are paused while the function is executing.
The Datastore Admin tab in the Admin Console now shows entities from every namespace.
Fixed an issue with _strptime when threadsafe was specified.
Fixed an issue where DatastoreFileStub.del fails on tempfile.msktemp.
WebOb 1.1.1 is now included in the SDK, and used by default there when Python 2.7 is specified.
Fixed an issue where the index.yaml file was cleared if your skip_files entry differs from the default skip_files list.

Google App Engine SDK for Python


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