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2018-10-17 | [21,048]

Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.2.20


Oracle VM VirtualBoxOracle VirtualBox是由德国InnoTek软件公司出品的虚拟机软件,现在则由甲骨文公司进行开发,是甲骨文公司xVM虚拟化平台技术的一部份。它提供用户在32位或64位的Windows、Solaris及Linux 操作系统上虚拟其它x86的操作系统。用户可以在VirtualBox上安装并且运行Solaris、Windows、DOS、Linux、OS/2 Warp、OpenBSD及FreeBSD等系统作为客户端操作系统。

与同性质的VMware及Virtual PC比较下,VirtualBox独到之处包括远程桌面协议(RDP)、iSCSI及USB的支持,VirtualBox在客户机操作系统上已可以支持USB 2.0的硬件设备,不过要安装 virtualbox extension pack.

VirtualBox 5.2.20 (released October 16 2018)

This is a maintenance release. The following items were fixed and/or added:

VMM: fixed task switches triggered by INTn instruction (bug #17979)
Storage: fixed connecting to certain iSCSI targets (bug #17507)
Storage: fixed handling of flush requests when configured to be ignored when the host I/O cache is used (bug #17573)
Drag and drop: implemented support for UNC paths (bug #17146)
Drag and drop: fixed resuming operation when restoring from a saved state (bug #17649)
Drag and drop: fixed copying files with long file names (> 248 characters) from guests to Windows hosts (bug #17447)
Drag and drop: fixed handling files with Unicode names on Windows guests (bug #15501)
Drag and drop: fixed copying empty (0-byte) files to / from guests (bugs #14863 + #17443)
Drag and drop: fixed copying over files from hosts to Linux guests (bug #16025)
Networking: restore connectivity for guests bridged to host adapters that were unavailable temporarily (Windows hosts, bug #17090)
Guest Control: fixed hang when using –wait-stdout and/or –wait-stderr (bug #17386). Needs updating Guest Additions
Video recording: fixed starting video recording on VM power up (bug #17307)
Linux Additions: various build fixes for kernel modules on recent distributions, and made sure modules end up in initramfs files
Linux Additions: build fixes for 4.19, thank you Larry Finger
Linux Additions: various small fixes for video driver



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