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2019-06-28 | [22,606]

Opera 62.0 / 12.18


OperaA full-featured Internet browser, Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera’s groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

Speed Dial: Your favorite sites are just one click away at all times.
Trash Can: Instantly reopen recently closed tabs.
Search Shortcuts: Faster search – type your queries directly into the address bar.
Mouse Gestures: With Opera you can navigate the Web with your mouse.
Opera Link: Synchronize data of your choice online, or among different computers and devices.
Quick Find: Opera remembers not only the titles and addresses, but also the actual content of the Web pages you visit.
Feed Preview: Preview a Feed by clicking on the feed icon, and you will see it in clean and efficient multiple-column layout.
Quick and customizable Web search: Get quick access to Google, eBay, Amazon and more with the search field in the upper right corner.


With the newest release of Opera 62, we have some interesting design updates on top of the changes we introduced in Reborn 3. We’d also like to show you a feature that will help you plan your holidays more easily.

Design updates including improved Dark Mode and support for Windows dark theme

Ever since the launch of Reborn 3 in April, we’ve been hard at work improving our dark theme to make it available throughout the browser. Opera also supports the Windows dark theme. This means you can make Opera darker: we’ve made the authentication dialogs, context menus and bookmarks editing dark. The checkmark icon will now also change colors when hovered. We’ve also changed the color of alert texts to a new shade of red.

With this release, we also thought about those of you who use large HD displays. To make the use of the Speed Dial easier, we have introduced a function in the EasySetup panel that lets you make the tiles larger.

Task completer – Plan your travels with ease

Getting back to the things you find on the Web is not always easy. Where was it? Did someone send me that link? Did I see that website while searching for something else? Where did I save it? We know the pain.

With this release, we are creating the option to connect your browser’s history to your Speed Dial so that you can more easily return to and finish the tasks you’ve started. This should happen seamlessly – without the need for you to dig through your history or locate the tab you started with. This is a concept we first thought of on the Neon project, and now we are introducing the first experimental version of it into our main Opera browser.

We wanted to experiment with Task Completer in a context where retrieving previous search results is most important, such as travel. When we look for flights and book hotels we don’t always make instant decisions. Oftentimes, we want to go back to a specific hotel and show it to friends or loved ones traveling with us before we book. That is why, in this first experimental release of the Task Completer, we are helping you get back to the hotels that you searched for on We will present them to you locally, on Opera’s Speed Dial. This is done fully client-side, without any network look-up, and will only appear for active users who have looked into at least 3 different hotels. You can use the preview feature immediately or hide it for later.

This feature has already helped relieve the chaos while planning our holidays and we hope you will find it as useful as we do.

We hope you enjoy Opera 62. Happy browsing!

62.0.3331.18 – 2019-06-27 blog post

DNA-78204 Unable to run Opera again after closing it with snapshot opened
DNA-79036 Promote O62 to stable

62.0.3331.14 – 2019-06-19 blog post

CHR-7433 Update chromium on desktop-stable-75-3331 to 75.0.3770.80
DNA-75726 Crash at opera::StartPagePreloadService::GetStartPage()
DNA-77696 Bring back start-page preload service to stabilization branches
DNA-78473 Opera Portable (“USB”) loses settings and extensions after starting on other machines
DNA-78673 Opera opens with opera://startpage instead of Speed Dial

62.0.3331.10 – 2019-06-13 blog post

DNA-77864 Quitting Opera shows ‘Close Window’ warning when quit warning is disabled
DNA-77962 Zombie received -currentTab
DNA-78159 Crash at opera::network_requests::NetworkRequestManagerImpl::EraseRequest(opera::network_requests::NetworkRequestManagerImpl::OngoingRequest*)
DNA-78252 Crash at opera::BrowserWindowCocoa::GetWebViewBounds() const
DNA-78346 Crash at service_manager::Main(service_manager::MainParams const&)
DNA-78406 Extensions overflow chevron appears after extension installation

62.0.3331.8 – 2019-06-10 blog post

DNA-77858 News section display a tiny part of an article image
DNA-78166 [Win] Deny access and reload button doesn’t work
DNA-78270 [Mac] Memory leak
DNA-78279 Options for personal news in settings are missing

62.0.3331.5 – 2019-06-04 blog post

DNA-78362 ‘Check failed: mtime_result’ during desktop_common_unittests
DNA-78394 Promote desktop-stable-75-3331 to beta
DNA-78416 Disable management.installReplacementWebApp API

62.0.3331.2 – 2019-05-29 blog post

DNA-75307 Icon refresh [Mac] Make it possible to easily use PNG images from resources
DNA-75997 opera_autoupdate.exe ran from scheduled task doesn’t sent information about product edition
DNA-76359 Closing dev tools scrolls page to top
DNA-77084 Backport cache control fix for external suggestions to O60 stable
DNA-77149 Add redirect from old chrome://startpage/extensions to new chrome://extensions
DNA-77252 Pre-fill auth cache with Freedom proxy credentials
DNA-77290 [mac mojave] not possible to minimize Opera if it’s inactive application
DNA-77368 EasySetup’s styling in different languages breaks
DNA-77459 Requests bypass Freedom proxy in some NetworkService process crash cases
DNA-77481 [Mac] Use views for permission revoke popups
DNA-77522 Add “Use bigger tiles” option to Settings page
DNA-77701 article.css is parsed 50 times when loading the start page
DNA-77703 Embedded fonts on startpage takes 35 ms to parse
DNA-77707 Remove unused Easy Setup components
DNA-77710 Remove NavBar components
DNA-77785 [WinLin] Address bar icons – ugly highlight
DNA-77860 [Mac] [dark mode] Missing line under address bar
DNA-77862 [Mac] Recover button on opera:update problems with clicking
DNA-77948 Handle mojo connection errors in Freedom classes
DNA-77962 Zombie received -currentTab
DNA-77984 Move quality to opera_components
DNA-78016 [Windows] Confirm quit dialog has a wrong title
DNA-78037 Crash at base::Time::Explode(bool, base::Time::Exploded*)
DNA-78055 Memory leak in PrefProviderTest
DNA-78059 Missing dependency on theme_default_generated in theme_views.h
DNA-78060 Caret is not visible in ctrl+f search field
DNA-78068 FilePathWatcher destroyed on the wrong sequence
DNA-78071 Enable opera://conflicts
DNA-78081 [Mac][Lin] Sidebar menu button doesn’t work
DNA-78082 Unexpected shadow on extensions page
DNA-78090 [Mac] Browser crashes when logging out from Telegram sidebar app
DNA-78091 [WinLin] Icon refresh – Replace all default-visible icons on toolbar
DNA-78118 Investigate how error-prone will checking the schema version against the schema contents during build time will be
DNA-78160 Use-after-free in BrowserCommandsTest.ExportBookmarksDoesNotCreateFileWhenUserSelectsCancelOnSaveAsDialog
DNA-78217 Change disposition from NEW_BACKGROUND_TAB to NEW_FOREGROUND_TAB
DNA-78241 Wrong number of open tabs and windows are displayed in warning dialog

62.0.3323.0 – 2019-05-20 blog post

DNA-63788 Make opera:media-engagement internal page working in Opera
DNA-77348 [CryptoWallet] “Emergency Reset” sounds too scary
DNA-77843 DNS queries are leaking with NetworkService enabled
DNA-77944 [Linux] Dragging text onto tab bar does not trigger search
DNA-77954 DCHECK in ChromiumBasedHistoryImporter::ClearTemporaryHistoryService()
DNA-77962 Zombie received -currentTab
DNA-77964 Handle ReportDuplicates from crash_reporter::DumpWithoutCrashing()
DNA-77974 Make sure that the BrowserContextKeyedService factories are initialized
DNA-77986 Dragged tab header is not visible in private mode
DNA-77997 SD flicker buster does not care about zoom on internal pages
DNA-78002 No text on snapshot hint in light mode
DNA-78010 Crash at opera::FreedomProxyRequestHandler::MaybeStartTransaction(net::URLRequest*)

62.0.3319.0 – 2019-05-15 blog post

CHR-7022 Avoid using LASTCHANGE.committime to generate build timestamp
CHR-7355 Update chromium on master to 75.0.3753.4
CHR-7381 Update chromium on master to 75.0.3766.2
CHR-7396 Attempt to handle “pipe busy” in OS_WIN CreateChannel
CHR-7402 Update chromium on master to 75.0.3770.27
DNA-73417 Switch to chromium spellcheck dictionaries
DNA-74129 Remote Features: Post rollout cleanup
DNA-74262 Make sure Mojo security guidelines are followed in freedom
DNA-75088 Make sure VPN behavior is sensible in face of NetworkService process crash
DNA-76501 [Mac] Quick access pane: glitch after changing theme
DNA-76531 Update Toolkit to version 0.60.0
DNA-76813 [mac] Login dialog is not aware of changing browser theme
DNA-76820 RulesCacheTest.ShouldDownloadNotExistingRules is flaky
DNA-76869 Opening links from cryptowallet doesnt hide the panel when unpinned
DNA-76911 Sidebar messengers error pages doesn’t recognize dark mode
DNA-76933 Crash at views::Widget::CloseWithReason(views::Widget::ClosedReason)
DNA-77014 Quitting Opera should show warning specific to quitting
DNA-77016 Do not show Quit warning when consciously restarting the browser
DNA-77020 No warning on closing installer using keyinput
DNA-77033 Doesn’t work with
DNA-77038 [win] Cursor changes position when typing installation path
DNA-77146 Ugly autofill form
DNA-77225 [Linux] Pop out video interrupts and repeats fragments of video
DNA-77232 Prepare and request translations for UI strings
DNA-77242 Add image for search engines on SD search for Ukraine
DNA-77248 [Win10&Lin] Autofill is unreadable when system theme is dark
DNA-77344 cannot be used with Opera! (works perfectly with Microsoft Edge)
DNA-77345 [CryptoWallet] Dismiss QR code when it expires
DNA-77346 Use bigger tiles after update to R3 for some users
DNA-77364 Implement the screenshot solution for slow sd load
DNA-77416 Layout doesn’t align well when dynamically changing tile size
DNA-77430 Make sure we show at most two rows of data
DNA-77464 Cannot make a snap of website part hidden above upper edge
DNA-77467 [Mac] The extensions sidebar is white in dark theme
DNA-77483 String freeze (04.23.2019)
DNA-77490 [Mac] Opera window does not open when clicking on the icon
DNA-77497 FreedomStateNotifierImpl emits ready state before applying host mapping rules sometimes
DNA-77498 Exponential backoff isn’t always applied to proxy discovery
DNA-77503 Convert network pages to use prefers-color-scheme
DNA-77504 Drop usage of settingsPrivate in network errors and remove hack from DNA-77005
DNA-77507 Fix the prefers_color_scheme after chromium intake to v75
DNA-77514 Create private APIs for the notification host
DNA-77520 Create a window with sample contents
DNA-77556 [Win] System buttons in snapshot edit window not visible
DNA-77571 Highlighted O-menu inverse colour when sidebar is hidden
DNA-77584 ModuleWatcherTest.ModuleEvents fails on continuous builds
DNA-77585 EasySetup when opening/closing has strange white line
DNA-77604 Browser crash while going into network error page
DNA-77621 [Mac] Opening a new window from the dock in full screen causes weirdness
DNA-77635 [Youtube] Low quality video in Opera
DNA-77663 [es-ES] Translations missing
DNA-77665 Empty description in opera://flags
DNA-77666 Create the DNA service
DNA-77669 Close button is too close to border
DNA-77676 [Mac] Hover state stays after closing tab
DNA-77702 Default startpage wallpaper renders very slowly if you don’t have hardware acceleration
DNA-77722 Turning on adjusting the maximum columns not works with bigger tiles
DNA-77728 Can not build checkout created with git worktree
DNA-77729 [Mac] Tab switching with Ctrl+Tab slow with lots of tabs
DNA-77731 opera://system fails with error ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED
DNA-77745 [Mac] Maximized Opera window expands after watching a video in fullscreen
DNA-77747 forcibly invalidate/update the flicker buster screenshot when there is significant change to the content
DNA-77775 Private mode tab’s favicon and caption is not updated after tab closing
DNA-77790 Crash at base::internal::WeakReference::IsValid()
DNA-77809 [Windows] O menu – History – ‘Recently closed’ is not aligned
DNA-77815 Menu has scrolling
DNA-77836 Create lexer for the simple query language using FLEX
DNA-77847 Allow to choose between suggestions and speed dials
DNA-77853 GPU Crash at rx::ProgramD3D::VertexExecutable::matchesSignature(std::vector const&)
DNA-77865 Text in preference is incorrect
DNA-77870 Allow communication between easy share engine and override app url
DNA-77906 Rewrite NetworkRequestManagerImpl to use SimpleURLLoader
DNA-77917 [Mac] Tab views get leaked
DNA-77922 [Win] Opera not running after importing data from default(chrome) browser 74.0.3729.131
DNA-77933 Make the fix_guards script correctly handle the #endif
DNA-77941 [mac] Security badge doesn’t appear second time
DNA-77956 Semi-random crash in ChromiumBasedCookieImporter::ImportCookies

Opera Portable for Windows 12.18


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