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2018-08-31 | [21,574]

Opera 56.0 / 12.18


OperaA full-featured Internet browser, Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera’s groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

Speed Dial: Your favorite sites are just one click away at all times.
Search Shortcuts: Faster search – type your queries directly into the address bar.
Trash Can: Instantly reopen recently closed tabs.
Mouse Gestures: With Opera you can navigate the Web with your mouse.
Opera Link: Synchronize data of your choice online, or among different computers and devices.
Quick Find: Opera remembers not only the titles and addresses, but also the actual content of the Web pages you visit.
Feed Preview: Preview a Feed by clicking on the feed icon, and you will see it in clean and efficient multiple-column layout.
Quick and customizable Web search: Get quick access to Google, eBay, Amazon and more with the search field in the upper right corner.

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to introduce the stable version of Opera 51 today. Our new browser comes with internal and practical improvements to help you browse faster and more smoothly.

Some further new features and adjustments include scrolling to the top of a web page with just a click of the tab and an import bookmarks button added to the bookmarks manager. We are also introducing improvements to video pop-out and tabs, a redesigned private mode and more.

Opera 51 improves browsing speed

We are continuing to make Opera faster. In Opera 51, which is now compiled with Clang (Windows), you will see performance gains on benchmark tests such as the new Speedometer 2.0. We challenged Opera 51 (running on HP Spectre with Windows 10) to a speed test against the latest Mozilla Firefox 58. The result: Opera is 38% better than Firefox.

Click the tab to scroll

Some sites lead us through an endless pit of web content such as our Facebook or Twitter feeds or a busy discussion board on Reddit. These kind of pages leave us with a long climb back to the top! It’s then another long descent down to continue where we were.

We’ve added a new trick to help you quickly scroll up and down a web page. When you need to scroll to the top of a web page, simply click the page’s tab and the page will jump up to the beginning. Clicking the tab again will bring you back to where you were before, so you can continue reading or exploring content.

Import bookmarks added in bookmarks manager

In the bookmarks manager, we’ve added an import bookmarks button together with export bookmarks, available in the expandable menu. This is another way for you to import your bookmarks from other web browsers. You can also import bookmarks and other settings through the Easy Setup menu found in the start page.

Collapsible lists of opened and closed tabs in tabs menu

Users who have heaps of tabs opened – rejoice! Today’s Opera 51 release now has two collapsible lists for your open and recently closed tabs. You will find these lists in your tabs bar situated to the far right side of tabs bar.

This will declutter the right side of the browser after opening the tabs menu while also making it easier for you to locate a particular tab.

Another new feature for your tabs is to permanently keep tabs pinned no matter what restart option you have selected (open the start page, continue where I left off or open a specific page or set of pages). Your pinned tabs will be restored after opening the browser for a new session.

Private mode style updated

We’ve updated the style of private mode on macOS to match the Windows design while also changing the static image to a new animation across all platforms.

If you frequently use private browsing and wish to bypass the new animation and jump right to your Speed Dial, you can use the “Do not show again” checkbox at the bottom of the page.

“Back to tab” button for video pop-out

With video pop-out you have possibility to browse the Internet while your favorite video plays in an adjustable window on top. Now, with the “Back to tab” link you have ability to go back to the tab playing the video. You can find it on the top of the popped out video by hovering your mouse over the title of the video.

Your video will continue playing in the pop-out window after clicking “Back to tab.”

We also updated style of the video pop-out button on macOS.

Allow all sites to use Flash

It’s now possible to change the settings to run Adobe Flash on all sites without the site requesting to do so. By default, Opera requires sites to ask first before allowing sites to run Flash.

You can enable running Flash on all sites without prior request in Settings (Preferences on macOS) > Websites > Flash.

Safely and easily reset browser settings

Resetting your Opera browser can help speed up your future browsing. Overtime, a backlog of cached pages, cookies and unused extensions can all slow down your browser’s performance. Resetting browser settings cleans all that up for you without deleting your bookmarks, history or saved passwords.

Previously, resetting your Opera browser settings to its original state required a lengthy process of deleting the browser after saving preferences in a separate file. Opera 51 stable offers a single button to reset your browser settings in just one click.

You can reset your browser to its original settings in Settings (Preferences on macOS) > Browser > “Reset browser settings…” button.

Resetting your browser will revert any custom search engines to the default ones, remove pinned tabs, disable extensions and will clear temporary data such as cookies. Your bookmarks, history and saved passwords will remain in place with the refreshed browser.

Preferences backup

We now have a mechanism for backing up and restoring working profile preferences to help avoid the unintentional alterations or corruption of these settings. Whenever profile settings have been read successfully, we create a backup of the files involved. In case the latest configuration cannot be loaded, Opera will use backup instead.

Desktop wallpaper in Opera

Your favorite desktop wallpaper is now available in Opera!

Setting your desktop background as Opera’s wallpaper is as easy as adding your own theme from your system’s library. Head to the Easy Setup menu from the start page and click the wallpaper option with the blue “Desktop” label across it.

Under the hood

Opera 51 is powered by a fine-tuned version of Chromium 64. To learn more about the changes in the engine itself, visit

Review Opera 51’s life cycle in the full changelog.

56.0.3051.10 – 2018-08-30 blog post

DNA-64323 [win] Content Blocked Badge – Left and right margin should be equal
DNA-64912 Enable #reborn-communicator-show-permissions on developer stream
DNA-64937 Renderer crash after changing zoom level on page
DNA-65574 Simplify getting product Strings
DNA-65945 Optimize dumping symbols and archiving targets
DNA-67099 Upgrade punycode.js in third_party libraries
DNA-67243 Update sources for security tests
DNA-67827 Move common/thumbnails to opera_components
DNA-67913 Disable tabs API on non-user action for extensions outside Opera Addons
DNA-68081 Add accessibility for media indicator in sidebar panel messenger icon
DNA-68354 [Lin] [Mac] OperaAutoupdateCheckerTest.IntializesAndFinalizesIPCThread fails
DNA-68613 Create messages between browser and AU to request stats sending
DNA-68817 Remove chrome_imports variables from desktop/build/config/opera_global.gni
DNA-68826 [Settings] Change favicons in dark mode
DNA-68857 Consider rewriting all the various unit_conversion classes to one class
DNA-68901 Convert usages in desktop/common/bookmarks
DNA-68903 Convert usages in opera_components/freedom/
DNA-69487 Image alt text is included in copy buffer — can contain covert malicious content
DNA-69762 Enable flag on developer channel
DNA-69790 Replace reads of kLocationCountry pref by querying LocationStorage
DNA-69841 Investigate possible ways to protect browser’s profile against malware interferences
DNA-69844 [Windows] Implement missing UI things to make #enable-mark-http-as working
DNA-70160 [Mac] Crash at base::SupportsUserData::GetUserData(void const*) const
DNA-70177 Navbar has colour on some internal pages
DNA-70184 [Mac] Follow system dark mode on macOS 10.14
DNA-70220 “Let partner search engines check if they are set as default” option is missing in new settings
DNA-70257 Add stats to track post-migration clean-up
DNA-70281 Use views-based PermissionPromptImpl on Mac
DNA-70282 [Linux] Create Snap package on Linux as part of build process
DNA-70360 Add warning dialog when closing private window with unfinished download
DNA-70367 Implement system performance scoring function and add appropriate histogram
DNA-70377 Country based lists missing from Default lists
DNA-70442 [Sync] Update required to sync tests – generate different history on sync test account
DNA-70477 Crash at opera::PageView::title()
DNA-70518 Move common/bookmarks to opera_components
DNA-70519 Move common/fraud_protection_ui to desktop/browser
DNA-70521 Move desktop/common/freedom to opera_components
DNA-70522 Move common/suggestions and common/favorites do opera_components (or remove)
DNA-70524 Move desktop/common/drawing to opera_components
DNA-70525 Clicking on adblocker on extension page should redirect to extension description page
DNA-70533 Amend history controller to handle undefined tab from chrome.tabs.getCurrent
DNA-70544 Increase alpha for text shadow on Start Page
DNA-70555 Missing autofill modules in statsserver packages for x64 builds
DNA-70556 Enable new settings flag on all stream
DNA-70590 Per-frame task runners in //media
DNA-70595 Implement “recovery logic” in the launcher.
DNA-70598 Define abtest to keep news on start page disabled for major countries
DNA-70600 Cleanup common/ as much as possible
DNA-70601 Input elements lost Opera style
DNA-70614 Refactor closing page views
DNA-70616 OpAuto tests for unfinished download in private window
DNA-70617 Remove legacy FavoriteCollectionImpl
DNA-70636 Reorganize O-Menu to help users report issues directly from Opera
DNA-70640 Add new shortcuts for “Reload all tabs” & “Duplicate tab(s)”
DNA-70657 Trigger post-migration right after migration
DNA-70673 Non active tab become highlighted when closing other one
DNA-70676 Add services_unittests to chromium_tests
DNA-70679 Merge navigator_utils.h funtions with browser_commands.h
DNA-70682 Create dry-run for speeddials post-migration (clean-up)
DNA-70689 Remove old feature flags
DNA-70691 Remove kFeatureMultipleTabSelection flag
DNA-70696 Random compilation failure when compiling network services mojom.
DNA-70699 Remove recovery logic from
DNA-70701 [Mac] NativeTextButton on Mac doesn’t have enough padding
DNA-70708 Remove flags for kFeatureDefaultBrowserPromptInSlidingToolbar and kFeatureSetAsDefaultBrowser
DNA-70712 Remove #extension-browser-action-reordering, #media-router and #save-as-pdf flags
DNA-70714 Use opera cr_input elements
DNA-70719 Revert patches on chromium and C++ codes in Opera
DNA-70736 Relaunch button is misalligned
DNA-70741 [Linux] Preloading video libraries broken
DNA-70742 Remove GlobalCommandController and import BrowserCommandController
DNA-70743 Page zoom level indicator in address bar
DNA-70744 Remove kFeatureToolkitSpeedDial and kFeatureEasySetup flags
DNA-70745 Surpress the Windows partially busy cursor when launching the AU process
DNA-70754 [Linux] Older ffmpeg libraries should be supported
DNA-70755 Show focus style only when using keyboard
DNA-70757 Settings – Autofill – Add address – Ugly input fields
DNA-70758 Random build failures due to missing generated files in blink/renderer/core/dom/events.
DNA-70760 Remove kFeatureSnapEditTextTool feature
DNA-70768 “X” in last tab disappears on hover
DNA-70770 [Linux] Remove chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra from snap package
DNA-70772 Serve channel-specific logo by predefined path
DNA-70773 Implement the page according to the design
DNA-70774 Remove base::kFeatureBackupPreferenceFiles flag
DNA-70782 Fix permission dialog anchoring
DNA-70785 Allow fetching toolkit.config.js on about page
DNA-70789 BrowserWindow inherits from ui::BaseWindow
DNA-70790 Settings – Languages – Add language – additional input field
DNA-70791 Remove folder icon from O-menu
DNA-70800 Details missing from verbose updater logs
DNA-70802 Remove kFeatureTopBarTabMenuSetting
DNA-70812 Crash at opera::content_filter::BlacklistManager::UpdateBlacklistHitStat(unsigned char)
DNA-70814 Fix launching of autoupdate when same version of Opera has been installed to same folder at least three times
DNA-70815 [Mac] Blurry text on permission request dialogs
DNA-70816 Remove kFeatureCollapsibleOpenTabsInTabMenu flag
DNA-70819 Crash at crash_reporter::DumpWithoutCrashing()
DNA-70825 Remove kFeatureResetOpera flag
DNA-70832 Random build failures due to missing dependencies v8 bindings test target.
DNA-70837 Clean up and format Toolkit modules
DNA-70842 [Lin] Double mouse backward/forward navigation
DNA-70844 Remove kFeatureBrowserEngineData flag
DNA-70848 Zoom with dark-mode is unreadable
DNA-70849 Move Navigator ExecuteCommand functionality to BrowserCommandController
DNA-70853 Serve SVGs instead of PNGs for logos
DNA-70855 Browser exit command is not working
DNA-70857 [Mac] Extension icons not redrawn correctly after disable/enable
DNA-70859 Some OperaAutoupdateCheckerTest.* tests fail
DNA-70860 Remove base::kFlashDetectionThroughNavigatorPlugins flag
DNA-70867 Separate stats collection from clean-up to not collect stats twice in any use case
DNA-70869 Windows ASAN builds output messages without symbols.
DNA-70878 Crash at net::URLRequest::OnCallToDelegateComplete()
DNA-70881 Temperature converter doesnt work
DNA-70886 Correct ab_test.json file
DNA-70889 Remove kFeatureCreateThemeFromWallpaper flag
DNA-70890 Remove kFeatureFreedomSearchBypass flag
DNA-70892 [Mac] Permission dialog stuck after closing/switching tabs
DNA-70894 Add omitted speeddial post-migration clean-up on partner content initialization finished
DNA-70896 [Mac] Permission dialog sometimes appears outside Opera window
DNA-70902 Add tests for partner_content_service_ initialization callback in partner_bookmarks_service
DNA-70903 [Mac] Anchor sometimes incorrect
DNA-70910 Move ExecuteCommand for web contents functionality to BrowserCommandController
DNA-70911 [Mac] Page Info popup in sidebar directed upwards if given enough space
DNA-70915 [Win] [Settings] Some options are displayed too thin
DNA-70920 Use IsTextEditCommandEnabled() instead of CanRedo() and CanUndo() in textfield
DNA-70921 [Mac] Crash when dismissing permission dialog and reloading page
DNA-70922 Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed()
DNA-70923 Randomize questions order in NetInstaller survey
DNA-70924 [MAC] Asan builds fail on ContextMenuBrowserTest.RealMenu
DNA-70927 Final polishing of the About page
DNA-70934 URL-bar Search Autocomplete messed domain name up
DNA-70951 2Fa with Yubikey doesn’t work on Google Account
DNA-70952 Enable site isolation for O56+
DNA-70958 O55 translations (12.07.2018)
DNA-70961 Write OpAuto tests for random uninstall survey answers
DNA-70963 Move opera CommandId outside opera namespace
DNA-70966 Crash at PermissionManager::GetPermissionStatusForFrame(ContentSettingsType, content::RenderFrameHost*, GURL const&)
DNA-70967 The “Other” option should be last in Quality section
DNA-70976 Asan builds fail on Lin and Mac
DNA-70978 Make installer window borderless
DNA-70979 Create close button and the top-right corner of installer window
DNA-70980 Draw fullscreen background on installer window
DNA-70982 Unable to build snap package on stable
DNA-71004 Extenstions – Extensions keyboard shortcuts button doesn’t work properly
DNA-71013 Remove OperaBubbleDelegateView::CloseBubble
DNA-71015 [Mac] Centralize code that computes popover preferred edge
DNA-71018 Move partner speeddials migration and post-migration to separate class
DNA-71020 Crash at base::DictionaryValue::Iterator::Iterator(base::DictionaryValue const&)
DNA-71028 Create migration interface class and separate tests
DNA-71030 Align the Flags page with the styleguide
DNA-71033 Remove kFeatureNewExtensionsKey flag
DNA-71038 [Linux] Sidebar panel not closed after clicking on page or icon
DNA-71044 DCHECK failure when installer run with –uninstall switch
DNA-71048 Assertion failures in MSEChangeTypeTest (media_unittests)
DNA-71051 “Rate Me” link on about page missing
DNA-71054 Sort out front discard in BasicPlaybackHashed_M4A
DNA-71058 [Settings] [Win] Missing options on new Settings page
DNA-71060 Ctrl+Shift+F searches all files in DevTools but doesn’t work if Flow is enabled
DNA-71061 TrackStatusChangesAfterPipelineEnded test is flaky
DNA-71063 Margins missing in survey
DNA-71067 Add missing util.js dependency
DNA-71070 Tabs – Reload in context doesn’t work
DNA-71073 Change default font size on About page
DNA-71078 Per-frame task runners in video pop-out code
DNA-71080 error message in about page after update check time out
DNA-71083 [Settings] Add categories on Settings page
DNA-71085 [Settings] Ctrl + F / Cmd + F should focus search box
DNA-71092 Some mouse gestures don’t work
DNA-71093 Add hovered and pressed states to close button
DNA-71098 Update tests related to instant search hint
DNA-71101 Remove Instant Search hints
DNA-71102 [Win] After creating some new tabs on Speed Dial and then switching to them, Speed Dial is empty (only Google search is visible).
DNA-71120 Enable “Installer UI changes – implementation” in developer
DNA-71121 Enable “Installer UI changes – implementation” in all streams
DNA-71122 [Mac] Startpage button disabled on internal pages
DNA-71128 Incorrect font color on Settings page in Dark Mode
DNA-71136 Remove kFeatureImportFromOpera
DNA-71137 [Mac] Extension popups wont open
DNA-71143 Use styleguide variables for font sizes and weights
DNA-71144 Add gradient background to installer
DNA-71151 [Mac] Crash at base::SupportsUserData::GetUserData(void const*) const
DNA-71152 Resize installer window according to the new design
DNA-71153 On startup – “Ask me when Opera is started by a shortcut specifying an URL” is missing in new settings
DNA-71154 Apply new installer welcome page design
DNA-71155 [Mac] Address drop down has no content
DNA-71204 Remove kFeatureAdblockerFullTextRules flag
DNA-71205 Remove kFeatureMonitorHijackingAttempts flag
DNA-71206 Safe Browsing setting sneaked into our settings with intake
DNA-71207 Remove kFeatureScrollOnActiveTabOnClick, kFeatureRebornWin7AeroSkin and kFeatureShowMidiPermissionBadge flags
DNA-71209 Refactor code for drawing images in installer
DNA-71212 Move ExecuteCommand for Browser functionality to BrowserCommandController
DNA-71213 “Rate me” and “Opera help” link are missing in new settings
DNA-71217 Make the pre-commit update avoidance mockable with the python test server
DNA-71219 Display six columns in the wallpaper gallery
DNA-71225 [mac] Net Installer crash
DNA-71227 Dark mode for Download List
DNA-71228 Dark mode for badge popup
DNA-71229 Dark mode for VPN popup
DNA-71230 Dark mode for Adblock popup
DNA-71231 Dark mode for feedback popup
DNA-71235 Settings – Block ads – Exceptions – “Search for a site” missing
DNA-71239 Add feature flag and switches for new autoupdater logic
DNA-71241 Update Polish translation for: Send news usage data to improve personalization
DNA-71244 Page zoom level indicator in address bar implementation on MacOS
DNA-71252 Refactor rich edit functions into a class based on Control
DNA-71261 [Mac] Crash at opera::ZoomUIModel::~ZoomUIModel()
DNA-71262 Crash at base::DictionaryValue::Iterator::Iterator(base::DictionaryValue const&)
DNA-71263 “Pressing Tab on a webpage highlights all links, as well as form fields” missing in new settings
DNA-71267 Page zoom level indicator should be behind a flag
DNA-71279 [Mac] Search popup appears on top instead of bottom
DNA-71285 Zoom level indicator should respond to browsed domain change
DNA-71286 Improvements of sliding toolbar “Install Chrome Extensions” on Chrome Web Store
DNA-71288 Change scroll to dark in dark mode
DNA-71291 Improvements of Ad blocker on the Extensions page
DNA-71292 Add animation into start page
DNA-71293 Only play animation when new tab is opened through “+” button
DNA-71298 Unreadable fonts in dark mode opera://settings/adBlockerLists
DNA-71301 Update Help links
DNA-71303 Page zoom invisible in dark mode
DNA-71304 Page zoom implement pop-up
DNA-71305 [win] Update installer tests after DNA-71250
DNA-71306 Add some empty px’s if there’s no icon after zoom thumbnail
DNA-71308 Apply new installer progress page design
DNA-71309 Make installer look good in HDPI modes
DNA-71310 Draw images on installer close button
DNA-71312 Improve performance of script
DNA-71314 Use ffmpeg codec distributed by Ubuntu in Linux snap
DNA-71335 Make sure that we have a tool to read the sync metadata for typed URLs
DNA-71344 [sync] Make sure it is possible to mock the production behaviour for TYPED_URLs with version 0
DNA-71362 Apply new design to the error page
DNA-71380 [Linux] LTO is disabled
DNA-71386 Exclude “old suggestions” from post-migration clean-up
DNA-71387 Visiting a bookmarked page causes a sync commit
DNA-71389 Enable as many sync-related components tests as possible
DNA-71390 Not possible to disable #enable-site-per-process flag
DNA-71394 Language setting checkbox is not visible when not hovered in dark mode
DNA-71397 Use richedits for feature descriptions
DNA-71401 [Snap] Fix the “grade” setting for beta and developer snap and use channels to control their release
DNA-71402 crash on opening address field badge popup
DNA-71411 [macOS 10.14] Compiling with 10.14 SDK gives dark mode in native dialogs
DNA-71413 Add AccessibleName to ZoomButton
DNA-71414 window focus alternatively switches on changing zoom
DNA-71416 Wrong font in Back button
DNA-71417 Broken layout of error page
DNA-71419 Add missing header in
DNA-71420 Fix the Terms of Service screen
DNA-71422 Fix statsserver to handle AU verify requests
DNA-71424 Hide the close button in appropriate layouts in new UI
DNA-71425 Picture-in-Picture option available
DNA-71435 Minor layout enhancements
DNA-71438 Enable #zoom-indicator flag on developer stream
DNA-71440 Feature font is too heavy
DNA-71442 Misaligned popup pointer
DNA-71444 [Linux] Middle click the ‘new tab’ button should paste from primary buffer
DNA-71445 Change tooltip text
DNA-71449 Dark mode for battery saver popup
DNA-71456 Font color of message in error page is wrong
DNA-71458 Settings – “Learn more” links are missing
DNA-71460 Apply new design for uninstall mode
DNA-71462 Advanced sync settings – Chromium string visible
DNA-71466 Use resources from Chromium for Extensions page
DNA-71471 Whitelist opr.addons API on Welcome Page
DNA-71473 easy-setup-component is added on icon-click
DNA-71483 Implement volume control in video popout
DNA-71493 Set “mac” CSS flag only on Macintosh
DNA-71498 Uninstaller survey – can not move the window, link to privacy not clickable
DNA-71504 “Passwords and forms” section disappeared from settings
DNA-71508 Interface translation mistakes (Japanese)
DNA-71513 Failed DCHECK in
DNA-71517 No blink symbols in crashlogs for most configurations.
DNA-71524 mouse gesture sets different startpage URL
DNA-71525 Improve linking time on Windows by adjusting –mem_per_link_gb value
DNA-71530 [mac] “Developer” label is missing in menu
DNA-71532 [Installer] Opera Do More overlaps installation fail
DNA-71533 Add pref to disable/enable scroll-on-active-tab-on-click
DNA-71535 OMenu: sub-menu position was changed
DNA-71537 Add Opauto tests for categories menu in new settings
DNA-71539 Move Extensions icon below Downloads on sidebar
DNA-71540 When wallpaper is installed it should enable wallpapers
DNA-71541 Bad headline on uninstall/install error
DNA-71550 ‘Do not allow any site to track my physical location’ wrong translation for fr-CA
DNA-71554 Show “-” instead of “+” on magnifier icon when zoom level is <100% DNA-71555 [Settings] Improve styling DNA-71558 Opera uninstaller – headline looks ugly DNA-71560 [Dark mode] Text on Snapshot pop-up isn’t visible DNA-71566 Survey answers don’t fit in available space DNA-71572 Crash at opera::ShouldTryKeychainReauthorize(NSString*, NSString*, NSString*, int) DNA-71574 Make it easier to install recommended extension DNA-71577 Misaligned offline installer button in install failure page DNA-71581 Unify spacing between sections DNA-71583 Blinking while opening dark themed browser on SD page DNA-71600 Feature flag creation DNA-71609 Use LTO only in official builds DNA-71614 [linux] Black border around sidebar windows DNA-71615 Opauto update current tests to the new UI DNA-71625 Bad layout when starting in 150p DNA-71626 HDPI: Bad UI for (un)installer 125% DNA-71628 Close icon is thicker after hovering few times DNA-71631 Submenu vertically misaligned DNA-71635 Tab history cleared on clicking SD button DNA-71647 Button ‘get offline installer’ is too large in some languages DNA-71654 Make animation less annoying DNA-71657 Remove styleguide demo DNA-71664 Enable volume-control-in-video-popout feature on Developer channel DNA-71672 Spellcheck context menu doesn’t list all languages. DNA-71676 Implement volume control in video handlers for twitch, prime, and vimeo DNA-71677 Volume control is not clickable when audio is muted DNA-71681 Make settings-menu narrower DNA-71689 Add a switch for an immediate request for suggestions after restart when next_update_time is pointing update DNA-71691 Get rid of rich text everywhere DNA-71698 Implement new progress bar design DNA-71700 opauto – create template for lang testing for (un)installer DNA-71706 Fix partner_bookmarks_migration_impl method name DNA-71725 Separate plugin registration and local installations DNA-71731 Add styledlabel role to elements in ui DNA-71735 Crash when change VPN location in private window DNA-71742 Final ExecuteCommand switch from Browser to BrowserCommandController DNA-71744 Startpage button disabled when opening Opera with specific page DNA-71745 Add hover for volume control DNA-71750 Reintroduce the options screen DNA-71753 focus on UI controls is not hightlighted DNA-71754 enter key does not activate buttons DNA-71756 uninstall survey page uses a different font DNA-71757 Crash when formatting debug log on API call failure DNA-71760 win7 error x is cut DNA-71761 [Engine] No focus on address field when opening new tab DNA-71762 [Win] unable to install Opera from usbnetinstaller DNA-71763 No start page on closing the last loaded page DNA-71773 Uninstaller 125%+ UI issues DNA-71775 [Snapcraft] Correct permission of “opera_sandbox” DNA-71776 [Engine] Find on page doesnt work DNA-71777 Disabled state of button missing DNA-71783 Inaccurate link position on the welcome screen after changing language DNA-71785 Remove obsolete proxy bypass for API calls DNA-71787 UI issues on options page DNA-71790 Duplicate Tab not working with multiple tabs selected DNA-71791 Update shortcut name usages in tests DNA-71792 PasteAndGo shortcut not working DNA-71793 ToggleTabMenu shortcut not working DNA-71796 USB Installer UI issues DNA-71802 Change option’s name to “Scroll to the top of page by clicking the active tab” DNA-71810 Only few controls in installer window are focusable with keyboard DNA-71818 Snapshot window wont open DNA-71819 Update shortcut name usages in tests pt2 DNA-71820 Focus Address bar when Address bar is already focused DNA-71821 [Mac] Close Other Tabs menu option doesn’t work DNA-71823 Add web3 provider + dependencies to desktop code and make it build DNA-71830 Add metrics for automatic retries of proxied requests DNA-71831 StyledLabel is not keyboard-focusable DNA-71832 [Mac] Enable search box in the address bar option should not be visable DNA-71833 Error on create_sym_archive_tests DNA-71834 Instant search activation stats are not recorded DNA-71836 Missing the flag name opera://flags/#chrome-extensions-one-click-install-policy DNA-71837 Make search box non-floating DNA-71841 Unable to set homepage on dev channel with homepage switch DNA-71845 New window opening with opera://startpage/private URL DNA-71851 Making the install path invalid moves cursor to the beginning of input DNA-71852 mentioned when clearing browser history with sync enabled DNA-71856 [Win] Zoom level indicator dialog not drawn properly – regression. DNA-71857 Remove kFeaturePowerThrottler DNA-71858 Update IDS_SETTINGS_LANGUAGES_DICTIONARY_DOWNLOAD_FAILED_HELP to mention Opera servers DNA-71866 [Linux] Remove calls to NativeThemeLinux::set_instance DNA-71867 Synchronise new spell checking list with old Opera settings DNA-71869 “”Install extension” blue button looks odd when inactive DNA-71870 Text on the sliding toolbar stays squeezed after maximizing the window DNA-71873 Define API and structure for plugins DNA-71874 Not possible to display third party licenses used by Opera DNA-71877 USB installer in opaccessible nested Tired of online adds DNA-71880 [Windows] Missing options in user interface section DNA-71887 Zoom level shown in the dialog is trimmed DNA-71889 [Mac] Zoom level indicator is always shown in a new window DNA-71892 Opauto update current tests to the new UI, part2 DNA-71899 [Win/Lin] Zoom level indicator is always shown in a new window DNA-71910 unify the text on install/upgrade button DNA-71915 [Settings] links to DNA-71916 Accept and install doesn’t change to accept and update when typing a path DNA-71918 “Show bookmarks bar” context-menu option opens bookmarks page instead of hiding bookmarks bar DNA-71921 ToggleSearchInOpenTabs shortcut doesnt work DNA-71928 Unnecessary call to CallJavascriptFunctionUnconditionally DNA-71936 Uninstaller fonts on buttons are wrong DNA-71939 Disable site isolation for O56 beta and stable DNA-71946 Tab focus incorrect order DNA-71948 Install path input is selected (during input) when it matches the existing path DNA-71952 Implement onboarding WP1 DNA-71954 Use old profile in test for few partner bookmarks tests DNA-71955 BrowserStatsHelperTest.DataCollectionTest unittest is flaky. DNA-71956 Opauto installer new UI, part3 DNA-71958 Ugly jump in subpage animation DNA-71967 Enter on ‘No’ on confirmation dialog repopens the dialog DNA-71968 AddressDropdownControllerTest fails in smoketests on beta branch (desktop-stable-69-3051) DNA-71972 [Settings] Don’t change strings on settings/content when options are disabled DNA-71989 Chinese & Japanese word breaking DNA-72023 [Windows] Re-enable goma DNA-72064 opera://flags page does not display any feature flags DNA-72070 [Linux] Starting with full screen crashes Opera [Downlink href=""]ChangeLog[/Downlink] [Downlink href=""]For Win32[/Downlink] [Downlink href=""]For Win64[/Downlink] [Downlink href=""]For Mac[/Downlink] Opera Portable for Windows 12.18


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    […]   上个礼拜著名的小众浏览器Opera发布了最新的10.50版,我在第一时间去http://www.opera-usb.com下载了多国语言的便携版(直接解压缩就可以用了,比官方提供的安装版方便多了,不需要设置缓存等个人配置文件路径)。打开后界面默认是英语,要到Settings——Preferences——Language——Details里面去选择简体中文语言,路径是目录下的localezh-cnzh-cn.lng。 […]

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