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2018-08-17 | [21,144]

Opera 55.0 / 12.18


OperaA full-featured Internet browser, Opera includes pop-up blocking, tabbed browsing, integrated searches, and advanced functions like Opera’s groundbreaking E-mail program, RSS Newsfeeds and IRC chat. And because we know that our users have different needs, you can customize the look and content of your Opera browser with a few clicks of the mouse.

Speed Dial: Your favorite sites are just one click away at all times.
Search Shortcuts: Faster search – type your queries directly into the address bar.
Trash Can: Instantly reopen recently closed tabs.
Mouse Gestures: With Opera you can navigate the Web with your mouse.
Opera Link: Synchronize data of your choice online, or among different computers and devices.
Quick Find: Opera remembers not only the titles and addresses, but also the actual content of the Web pages you visit.
Feed Preview: Preview a Feed by clicking on the feed icon, and you will see it in clean and efficient multiple-column layout.
Quick and customizable Web search: Get quick access to Google, eBay, Amazon and more with the search field in the upper right corner.

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to introduce the stable version of Opera 51 today. Our new browser comes with internal and practical improvements to help you browse faster and more smoothly.

Some further new features and adjustments include scrolling to the top of a web page with just a click of the tab and an import bookmarks button added to the bookmarks manager. We are also introducing improvements to video pop-out and tabs, a redesigned private mode and more.

Opera 51 improves browsing speed

We are continuing to make Opera faster. In Opera 51, which is now compiled with Clang (Windows), you will see performance gains on benchmark tests such as the new Speedometer 2.0. We challenged Opera 51 (running on HP Spectre with Windows 10) to a speed test against the latest Mozilla Firefox 58. The result: Opera is 38% better than Firefox.

Click the tab to scroll

Some sites lead us through an endless pit of web content such as our Facebook or Twitter feeds or a busy discussion board on Reddit. These kind of pages leave us with a long climb back to the top! It’s then another long descent down to continue where we were.

We’ve added a new trick to help you quickly scroll up and down a web page. When you need to scroll to the top of a web page, simply click the page’s tab and the page will jump up to the beginning. Clicking the tab again will bring you back to where you were before, so you can continue reading or exploring content.

Import bookmarks added in bookmarks manager

In the bookmarks manager, we’ve added an import bookmarks button together with export bookmarks, available in the expandable menu. This is another way for you to import your bookmarks from other web browsers. You can also import bookmarks and other settings through the Easy Setup menu found in the start page.

Collapsible lists of opened and closed tabs in tabs menu

Users who have heaps of tabs opened – rejoice! Today’s Opera 51 release now has two collapsible lists for your open and recently closed tabs. You will find these lists in your tabs bar situated to the far right side of tabs bar.

This will declutter the right side of the browser after opening the tabs menu while also making it easier for you to locate a particular tab.

Another new feature for your tabs is to permanently keep tabs pinned no matter what restart option you have selected (open the start page, continue where I left off or open a specific page or set of pages). Your pinned tabs will be restored after opening the browser for a new session.

Private mode style updated

We’ve updated the style of private mode on macOS to match the Windows design while also changing the static image to a new animation across all platforms.

If you frequently use private browsing and wish to bypass the new animation and jump right to your Speed Dial, you can use the “Do not show again” checkbox at the bottom of the page.

“Back to tab” button for video pop-out

With video pop-out you have possibility to browse the Internet while your favorite video plays in an adjustable window on top. Now, with the “Back to tab” link you have ability to go back to the tab playing the video. You can find it on the top of the popped out video by hovering your mouse over the title of the video.

Your video will continue playing in the pop-out window after clicking “Back to tab.”

We also updated style of the video pop-out button on macOS.

Allow all sites to use Flash

It’s now possible to change the settings to run Adobe Flash on all sites without the site requesting to do so. By default, Opera requires sites to ask first before allowing sites to run Flash.

You can enable running Flash on all sites without prior request in Settings (Preferences on macOS) > Websites > Flash.

Safely and easily reset browser settings

Resetting your Opera browser can help speed up your future browsing. Overtime, a backlog of cached pages, cookies and unused extensions can all slow down your browser’s performance. Resetting browser settings cleans all that up for you without deleting your bookmarks, history or saved passwords.

Previously, resetting your Opera browser settings to its original state required a lengthy process of deleting the browser after saving preferences in a separate file. Opera 51 stable offers a single button to reset your browser settings in just one click.

You can reset your browser to its original settings in Settings (Preferences on macOS) > Browser > “Reset browser settings…” button.

Resetting your browser will revert any custom search engines to the default ones, remove pinned tabs, disable extensions and will clear temporary data such as cookies. Your bookmarks, history and saved passwords will remain in place with the refreshed browser.

Preferences backup

We now have a mechanism for backing up and restoring working profile preferences to help avoid the unintentional alterations or corruption of these settings. Whenever profile settings have been read successfully, we create a backup of the files involved. In case the latest configuration cannot be loaded, Opera will use backup instead.

Desktop wallpaper in Opera

Your favorite desktop wallpaper is now available in Opera!

Setting your desktop background as Opera’s wallpaper is as easy as adding your own theme from your system’s library. Head to the Easy Setup menu from the start page and click the wallpaper option with the blue “Desktop” label across it.

Under the hood

Opera 51 is powered by a fine-tuned version of Chromium 64. To learn more about the changes in the engine itself, visit

Review Opera 51’s life cycle in the full changelog.

55.0.2994.37 – 2018-08-16

DNA-59261 [Windows] Crash when dragging bookmarks into a folder
DNA-59826 [Win] Some MediaColorTest.Yuv* tests fail
DNA-60587 Decrease size of Opera release packages
DNA-64026 Lots of error log messages when using VTVideoDecoder
DNA-64937 Renderer crash after changing zoom level on page
DNA-65368 Add test for update in progress to WidevineCdmUpdaterImplTest
DNA-66072 Crash at extensions::MimeHandlerViewGuest::NavigationStateChanged(content::WebContents*, content::InvalidateTypes)
DNA-66235 Searching bookmarks is slow
DNA-66246 [Linux] Ugly dialogs in default Cinnamon theme (Linux Mint)
DNA-66288 Window bar looks collide with tab strip
DNA-66304 Dragging bookmark and dropping on Start Page breaks something
DNA-66309 [Linux]Floating sidebar panels are separate windows
DNA-66336 [WebUI] Add Adblocker as an extension to Extensions page – to onboard the feature
DNA-66860 Search popup configuration
DNA-66925 close tabs keyboard shortcut does not work correctly with multiple tab selection
DNA-67211 [Mac] Bookmarks in menu appear twice
DNA-67377 [Win] Icon changes on renaming folder on bookmarks bar
DNA-67548 [Mac] No double click protection in Telnet dialog
DNA-67650 Settings page is opened at the ‘Display’ section
DNA-67854 [Settings] Custom lists need to have more precise instruction
DNA-68144 [Win][Lin] Badge dialog anchor tip is overlapping icon
DNA-68157 [Mac] Video popout gets bigger each time it’s being opened
DNA-68239 Update our HSTS overrides
DNA-68354 [Lin] [Mac] OperaAutoupdateCheckerTest.IntializesAndFinalizesIPCThread fails
DNA-68401 Refactor vr_player to stop compiling chromium sources with exception handling as much as possible.
DNA-68445 [Mac] Add accessibility names for badges
DNA-68635 Reintroduce SD for users interested in Travel category
DNA-68642 Adjust Speed Dial animations for slower hardware turns off animation only partially
DNA-68667 extension tests fail randomly
DNA-68798 [Settings] Add hover to icons
DNA-68868 [Settings] Change color of label font for search results in dark mode
DNA-68869 Crash at SpellCheck::IsSpellcheckEnabled()
DNA-68896 Remove desktop/browser/infopage
DNA-68898 Convert usages in desktop/browser/speeddial
DNA-68900 Convert usages in desktop/common/autoupdate
DNA-68904 Convert usages in desktop/common/suggestions
DNA-68905 Convert usages in desktop/common/themes
DNA-68906 Convert usages in desktop/common/turbo
DNA-68907 Convert usages in desktop/common/utility
DNA-68908 Convert usages in opera_components/converters
DNA-68909 Convert usages in opera_components/fraud_protection
DNA-68910 Convert usages in opera_components/location
DNA-68971 Add histograms to help evaluate dynamic demuxer selection performance WP2
DNA-69029 [Settings] Sync next to passphrase link disabled
DNA-69112 SDs can be doubled
DNA-69129 [Settings] Change buttons style
DNA-69140 [Settings] Change the colour of toggles
DNA-69154 [AdBlock] Add a metric to count number of hits
DNA-69281 SDs images are not refreshed
DNA-69444 [Instant Search] lack of translation for word “Space”
DNA-69494 Automate security tests
DNA-69512 [Sync] Unable to save sync password
DNA-69550 Browser lifetime in unittests not depend on TestBrowserWindow anymore
DNA-69564 Google search box on SD page is corrupted after factory reset & changing search engine
DNA-69573 It’s possible to manually set chrome_url_overrides
DNA-69580 Sidebar hint cut off when sidebar is disabled
DNA-69581 [Locales] Manage lists/exceptions translation missed
DNA-69584 Address Bar/Search Box model and controller initialized with Browser object instead of BrowserWindow
DNA-69602 Alert sound played when pressing ESC with address field focused
DNA-69616 [Windows][Linux] Instant search dialog is not focused when multiple tabs are opened
DNA-69632 Blurry non default search engine icons
DNA-69633 Wrong search engine icon after switching modes
DNA-69637 Some radio streams won’t start on
DNA-69638 [Mac] Cmd+L doesn’t work if address field has focus
DNA-69641 Remove redundant RunLoop uses
DNA-69643 [Settings][sync] Error on opening syncSetup when not logged in
DNA-69668 M4V videos wont play
DNA-69687 [Settings] Add space between currency button and dropdown
DNA-69692 [Mac] Icons for Local File & Turbo are corrupted
DNA-69694 [Mac] After pressing ‘Learn More’ (Accelerated Connection) Opera Turbo help page is opened with empty badge popup
DNA-69698 [Mac] Security badge popup is opened instead of location one.
DNA-69703 [Settings] Align buttons
DNA-69705 [Settings] Replace Chrome icons with ours
DNA-69708 [Settings] Focus state for toggles when using keyboard
DNA-69709 [Settings] Blank settings page when opened from private window
DNA-69722 PipelineIntegrationTest.BasicPlayback_VideoOnly_AV1_WebM is flaky
DNA-69728 [Settings] Autofill layout broken
DNA-69729 [Settings] Autofill form has less fields than in old settings
DNA-69737 [CN] Crash at base::ThreadLocalStorage::Slot::Get()
DNA-69741 Bump version to 55 on master
DNA-69744 Improve My Flow and Instant Search icons in navbar
DNA-69749 [Windows] Sidebar hint is covering address bar
DNA-69751 Do not include english word in chinese translation for placeholder text on start page
DNA-69755 [Speedy] Update GN to handle speedy nicely.
DNA-69756 Page views not reported for instant search
DNA-69762 Enable flag on developer channel
DNA-69763 Enable #chrome-extensions-one-click-install-policy flag on developer
DNA-69764 Enable #chrome-extensions-one-click-install-policy flag on beta/stable
DNA-69765 Enable #new-md-settings on developer channel
DNA-69767 Installer – Quit installer – Default button should be “No”
DNA-69769 Remove Freedom secret-hiding hacks from //net WP1
DNA-69773 Current changes to avro tools
DNA-69774 Enable #dynamic-demuxer-selection by default on developer
DNA-69776 Add JS bundle entries to
DNA-69783 Remove “unpin sidebar” option from “Customize the elements in sidebar”
DNA-69793 Mute animated wallpapers
DNA-69798 [Mac] Badge popup not vibrant
DNA-69799 New settings – Manage passwords – “?” sign too close to search field
DNA-69809 Unify start page and news styles
DNA-69814 Improve checkout time by copying original files into gitpy_reset
DNA-69816 Crash at PrefValueMap::end() >opera::ApplyInstallerDefaultPrefValues
DNA-69820 [Mac] Internal badge popup is corrupted.
DNA-69824 [Mac] Labels into badge popup are badly rendered.
DNA-69829 MimeTypeSnifferImpl::ReadDone() called on invalid sequence
DNA-69831 Optimize Easy Setup icon
DNA-69832 Replace usage of chrome.send with chrome.developerPrivate
DNA-69836 Crash at opera::ProfileResetter::Reset()
DNA-69838 Moving BrowserWindowType from BrowserWindow to Browser
DNA-69849 Add accessibility attributes to wallpaper gallery
DNA-69850 User activity tracking misbehaves when navigating in tab
DNA-69851 ActiveURLObserver asserts
DNA-69852 Make Speed Dial colours consistent
DNA-69853 Add missing translations
DNA-69880 WebAudioBrowserTest. AAC decode tests fimeout
DNA-69884 Show password icon is not visible
DNA-69886 Usernames of saved passwords are almost invisible in dark theme
DNA-69888 Dialogs in Saved Passwords section look badly for dark theme
DNA-69890 Enable the flag on beta/stable
DNA-69892 Wrong label for Open the start page
DNA-69899 [Windows] signtool fails on repackaging
DNA-69907 [Settings] “Manage sidebar” leads to old link
DNA-69915 Opera debug crashes on new settings page
DNA-69918 [Settings] Implement dark dialogs for dark theme
DNA-69922 [Settings] Autofill options – titles should be aligned with buttons
DNA-69923 Erratic reads optimization must not be applied on Windows
DNA-69927 [Speedy] Configure speedy after output dir has been created ☣
DNA-69935 [Mac] No dedicated GPU option in settings
DNA-69936 [Speedy] Handle the EOL mismatch issue
DNA-69939 [Settings] Autofill country data not saved
DNA-69940 Windows nightly builds fail to compile
DNA-69944 Chromium ad blocking settings should be removed from new settings
DNA-69950 [Settings] Remove VPN section if location is Chinese
DNA-69951 Remove Freedom secret-hiding hacks from //net WP2
DNA-69952 [Mac] Unable to turn on full screen when IS dialog is displayed
DNA-69961 VR settings missing in new settings
DNA-69962 [Mac] Overlay not following when window is enlarged
DNA-69968 [Linux] importing_unit_fuzztests fails to compile in debug/asan
DNA-69969 [Demuxer] renderer crash at _delayLoadHelper2
DNA-69976 [Settings] Lack of proxy warning with VPN enabled
DNA-69977 [Settings] Lack of WebRTC settings
DNA-69979 Sidebar messenger cycler crashes Opera
DNA-69985 Enable “Chromium badge” in all streams
DNA-69988 [Win] Installer error on uninstallation – Elevated process did not write new installation status
DNA-69990 [Windows] Wrong label for Choose file in import section
DNA-69991 Provide translations for News 2
DNA-69994 opera:themes forwarded to wrong url
DNA-69996 Moving BrowserWindowCreateParams to Browser class
DNA-69997 Move url thumbnail generation to c++ side
DNA-70000 Privacy Policy statement is visible at Opera Installer.
DNA-70001 Translations for O54 beta (24.05.2018)
DNA-70005 [Settigns] Align arrows
DNA-70006 Reset site settings dialog relates to Chrome.
DNA-70008 [Settings] Change the link icon colour (LT)
DNA-70011 [Settings] Improve Opera Turbo warning
DNA-70012 [Settings] Update search icons
DNA-70021 Opera Ad Blocker blocking search ads sendBeacon requests
DNA-70025 [Speedy] Investigate possibilities of fixing debug info
DNA-70026 WelcomePage tests need an update
DNA-70027 [Settings] Replace Remove icons
DNA-70048 Adblocker.testDialogNavigateToSettings fails
DNA-70050 [Settings] Change font’s weight
DNA-70051 [Settings] Align margins on subpages
DNA-70052 [Mac] OmniBoxView.xib included in our project is not used
DNA-70053 [Settings] Change the hover state for dropdowns
DNA-70054 Clicking page info badge does not toggle dialog visibility
DNA-70055 Fix styling of opera-confirm-dialog
DNA-70058 [Settings] Replace Chrome icons with ours on site settings
DNA-70062 [Linux] Package has dependency incompatible with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS
DNA-70084 Uncaught error when closing reset profile dialog
DNA-70087 Obtain image buffers via ImageBufferReadyCallback
DNA-70093 JS_tests.testCopyJavascriptFromAnotherTab – error on Mac
DNA-70094 menu_tests.*.testShowBookmarks fail on Mac
DNA-70096 Opera as not supported browser on
DNA-70099 [Mac] Make Narrow Sidebar default option for new users
DNA-70100 [Win] After pressing IDS_BADGE_TURBO_LINK_TEXT link help page with certificate section is opened.
DNA-70101 [Win][Mac] Secure badge popup has no Site settings button
DNA-70103 Remove empty space on Start Page when search box disabled
DNA-70114 Fix browserjs for
DNA-70117 Change “Sign in” button
DNA-70121 [Mac] Clicking Confirm to Quit option doesnt enabled/disable it
DNA-70125 Fraud page badge dialog needs to have a distinct message
DNA-70144 Wrong pref value for 6 hours news notification time interval
DNA-70148 [Linux] Instant search – searching background is dark with dark Gnome theme
DNA-70155 Allow enabling / disabling Instant Search in settings
DNA-70156 Add test for enabling and disabling instant search
DNA-70160 [Mac] Crash at base::SupportsUserData::GetUserData(void const*) const
DNA-70161 Running touches args_default.gni even if no changes are needed
DNA-70162 Implement Allow enabling / disabling Instant Search in old settings
DNA-70165 [Settings] “Chrome Passwords” in default filename when exporting passwords
DNA-70167 Lots of pylint errors in
DNA-70170 “Offer to translate pages that aren’t in a language you read” should not be there
DNA-70172 Unify button and article colors
DNA-70178 SD right click “Change wallpaper” is broken
DNA-70188 [WebUI] Wrong speed dial title font colours
DNA-70189 Snapshot captures only currently visible area when scrolling
DNA-70192 Crash on opera://help
DNA-70197 Double free in ThemeCreateDecodeImageTest.DecodeAllImageTypes on Mac
DNA-70212 Sidebar Messenger – Error – “Open in new tab” – some translations don’t fit in button
DNA-70220 “Let partner search engines check if they are set as default” option is missing in new settings
DNA-70222 Crash at media::software::VTVideoDecodeAccelerator::DecodeDone(media::software::VTVideoDecodeAccelerator::Frame*)
DNA-70224 45 memory leaks in various tests that create Browser objects
DNA-70225 Record the statistic on whether users have Instant Search enabled/disabled
DNA-70236 “Allow sites to run Flash automatically” missing!
DNA-70239 opera://settings/instantSearch does not work
DNA-70249 [buildsing] Incorrect SFX config when signing autoupdateoperaclient
DNA-70262 Packaging signed build produces bigger file than it’s possible
DNA-70264 More convenient log output from LockFileImpl
DNA-70282 [Linux] Create Snap package on Linux as part of build process
DNA-70285 Fix the signature for custom partner content – Yx02, Yx01
DNA-70289 Random build failure caused by lack of include in
DNA-70295 Linux nightly fails to compile
DNA-70300 [Settings] Polish ad-blocker list missed on polish version
DNA-70303 Upgrade and recovery – wrong translation
DNA-70316 remove sovetnik extension from edition Yx 02 and Yx 03
DNA-70318 Hide Post-migration clean-up behind flag
DNA-70320 Fix debug mode warning on Start Page
DNA-70326 Additional translations for beta O54 (12.06.2018)
DNA-70331 Adblocker exceptions are not updated immediately when deleted
DNA-70333 [Old settings] Button for exporting passwords does not work
DNA-70338 Do not render set default browser prompt when not needed
DNA-70340 Remove the hash function callback from ShutdownTimeReporter
DNA-70342 Make sure that the PDH consistency checker works on a per-installation basis
DNA-70345 Switch from opera::Navigator::Params use to NavigateParams from browser_navigator_params.h
DNA-70350 [Settings] change colours of checkboxes
DNA-70351 NI/USB doesn’t work on Win10/Win8 – caused by {upx, lld, /guard}
DNA-70353 Import Chromium translations
DNA-70356 [Converter] Fix number conversion
DNA-70364 [Settings] Missing option to import Cookies from other browsers
DNA-70365 [Settings] change hover for some options to “hand” icon
DNA-70372 [Settings] Import from other Chromium based browsers does not work
DNA-70375 Unable to edit adblocker exception lists
DNA-70377 Country based lists missing from Default lists
DNA-70394 Change colour of “Import bookmarks now” on light theme
DNA-70399 Keeps importing list that is already added
DNA-70400 [Settings] Text in put is placed to low in search field
DNA-70401 Adapt test server for DNA-66354
DNA-70411 Bookmark dialog adds a speed dial to the beginning
DNA-70415 [Speedy] gn_opera treats additional GN args as speedy host
DNA-70418 [Settings] Missing visual focus of UI controls
DNA-70422 Fraud warning & Malicious site warning badge popups titles should be red.
DNA-70423 Enable #dynamic-demuxer-selection on stable
DNA-70428 [mac] Add hover for Flow icon in address bar
DNA-70432 Pinned shortcut repins every launch
DNA-70437 Missing dependency on “//chrome/common:page_load_metrics_mojom” in desktop/browser
DNA-70439 Add speeddial post-migration flag turned off test
DNA-70442 [Sync] Update required to sync tests – generate different history on sync test account
DNA-70446 Fix for not storing removal time while abtest is turned off
DNA-70461 “Get more wallpapers” option in context menu doesn’t work
DNA-70462 Do not allow multiple initialization of ProtectedDataHasher in the factory
DNA-70473 desktop_browsertests requires ClearKey CDM
DNA-70477 Crash at opera::PageView::title()
DNA-70489 Add test for Adblocker as an extension to Extensions page
DNA-70490 Add switch to disable Adblocker as an extension to Extensions page
DNA-70497 [opauto] Timeout when calling NavigateToURL
DNA-70500 [Windows] Non-jumbo compilation failure
DNA-70501 [Linux] Debug fails while linking lib_opautolib
DNA-70525 Clicking on adblocker on extension page should redirect to extension description page
DNA-70533 Amend history controller to handle undefined tab from chrome.tabs.getCurrent
DNA-70544 Increase alpha for text shadow on Start Page
DNA-70556 Enable new settings flag on all stream
DNA-70598 Define abtest to keep news on start page disabled for major countries
DNA-70657 Trigger post-migration right after migration
DNA-70667 Settings – Missing translations (be and fr-CA)
DNA-70682 Create dry-run for speeddials post-migration (clean-up)
DNA-70693 Settings – Missing translations (all languages) – Autofill – Add address – Gender
DNA-70736 Relaunch button is misalligned
DNA-70741 [Linux] Preloading video libraries broken
DNA-70754 [Linux] Older ffmpeg libraries should be supported
DNA-70755 Show focus style only when using keyboard
DNA-70757 Settings – Autofill – Add address – Ugly input fields
DNA-70770 [Linux] Remove chromium-codecs-ffmpeg-extra from snap package
DNA-70812 Crash at opera::content_filter::BlacklistManager::UpdateBlacklistHitStat(unsigned char)
DNA-70814 Fix launching of autoupdate when same version of Opera has been installed to same folder at least three times
DNA-70842 [Lin] Double mouse backward/forward navigation
DNA-70857 [Mac] Extension icons not redrawn correctly after disable/enable
DNA-70859 Some OperaAutoupdateCheckerTest.* tests fail
DNA-70886 Correct ab_test.json file
DNA-70894 Add omitted speeddial post-migration clean-up on partner content initialization finished
DNA-70922 Crash at opera::WebContentsDeletionObserver::WebContentsDestroyed()
DNA-70923 Randomize questions order in NetInstaller survey
DNA-70951 2Fa with Yubikey doesn’t work on Google Account
DNA-70958 O55 translations (12.07.2018)
DNA-70967 The “Other” option should be last in Quality section
DNA-70982 Unable to build snap package on stable
DNA-71004 Extenstions – Extensions keyboard shortcuts button doesn’t work properly
DNA-71058 [Settings] [Win] Missing options on new Settings page
DNA-71063 Margins missing in survey
DNA-71080 error message in about page after update check time out
DNA-71083 [Settings] Add categories on Settings page
DNA-71085 [Settings] Ctrl + F / Cmd + F should focus search box
DNA-71098 Update tests related to instant search hint
DNA-71101 Remove Instant Search hints
DNA-71153 On startup – “Ask me when Opera is started by a shortcut specifying an URL” is missing in new settings
DNA-71213 “Rate me” and “Opera help” link are missing in new settings
DNA-71219 Display six columns in the wallpaper gallery
DNA-71241 Update Polish translation for: Send news usage data to improve personalization
DNA-71314 Use ffmpeg codec distributed by Ubuntu in Linux snap
DNA-71386 Exclude “old suggestions” from post-migration clean-up
DNA-71394 Language setting checkbox is not visible when not hovered in dark mode
DNA-71401 [Snap] Fix the “grade” setting for beta and developer snap and use channels to control their release
DNA-71444 [Linux] Middle click the ‘new tab’ button should paste from primary buffer
DNA-71471 Whitelist opr.addons API on Welcome Page
DNA-71508 Interface translation mistakes (Japanese)
DNA-71550 ‘Do not allow any site to track my physical location’ wrong translation for fr-CA
DNA-71572 Crash at opera::ShouldTryKeychainReauthorize(NSString*, NSString*, NSString*, int)
DNA-71701 Promote O55 to stable

Opera Portable for Windows 12.18


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