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2011-08-14 | [66,827]

Motorola Mobile Phone USB Drivers 5.2.0


MotorolaThis USB Driver is used for connecting your Motorola Mobile Phone to a Windows computer via a USB cable in order to charge your phone or to access the data on your phone.

Supported Handsets
This USB Driver supports most Motorola Android, Motorola OS, Motorola Linux OS, Motorola iDEN, Motorola Symbian/UIQ, Motorola Windows Mobile and Motorola i-mode Handsets.

System Requirements
A 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 Operating system.
You must have Administrator permission to install this driver.

Please reboot the system after installing the USB Driver.
Installation of Motorola Phone Tools may affect the performance of this driver. Please re-install the USB Driver after the installation of Motorola Phone Tools.

* MotoHelper is a PC application that keeps your Motorola device drivers up-to-date. Additionally, on supported phones, MotoHelper notifies you of software updates when they become available for your device and can automatically launch Motorola PC applications such as Motorola Media Link and Moto Phone Portal upon device connection to your PC via USB.

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