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Dism++ 10.1.1002.1

2021-08-30 |

Dism++Dism++ can be considered as a GUI frontend of DISM, but it does not rely on Dism. It is instead based on a low-level Component Based Servicing (CBS) interface instead of the DISM API or DISM Core API.

Dism++ Features
Dism++ does not require any additional Dism component, such as the Windows ADK DISM components, making it compatible with a vareity of systems. Compared to Microsoft’s Dism, the other solution requires 3 versions of the Windows ADK DISM components.
Dism++ is like an improved version of Dism. It provides a full graphical interface and supports almost all of Dism’s functionalities and more. It can be used to manage updates, drivers, updates, features, Appx; toggle services and features; use Compact and WIMBoot; repair system…etc.
Dism++ provides full WIM support (including ESD patching, ESD to ISO, release partial ESD, and direct support for ISO). Most importantly, when using the ESD to ISO conversion feature, Dism++ can decrypt from the internal storage without decrypting the data.
Dism++ provides an open-ended clean-up and optimization features. Users can define their own Dism++ rules, creating their own tools for the system.