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2019-07-03 | [6,268]

Pale Moon 28.6.0


Pale Moon相信很多朋友都正在使用或者曾经使用过Firefox(火狐)浏览器,毕竟对于这么一个具有传奇色彩的软件自然是要尝试一下的。不过一直以来,Firefox有着一个致命的缺点,那就是冷启动速度太慢,有的时候完成第一次启动甚至需要耗费将近1分钟的时间,这么一个看似小的缺陷却已经严重影响了那些首次尝试Firefox的用户热情,一些用户甚至因为无法忍受这一点而转投Chrome阵营。那么如果你也在被这个问题所困扰的话,我们建议你来使用一下“火狐”的同胞兄弟:“苍月”。

所谓“苍月”指的是Pale Moon,是一个基于Firefox浏览器修改优化而来的衍生版本,在Pale Moon项目的官方主页上,项目组人员详细的描述了Pale Moon相比于Firefox原版的修改内容,涉及针对各种处理器的特殊优化,以及对于内部脚本代码的修改和调整,官方表示,Pale Moon修改版相比于原版Firefox,会有25%的速度提升。

和其他修改版本不同,Pale Moon的修改内容都仅仅与性能有关,非性能提升内容并不会进行修改,如果你习惯了某些Firefox扩展,那么在Pale Moon中也可以进行安装。

经过简单的试用后,笔者深刻感受到了Pale Moon浏览器相比于Firefox的性能提升,冷启动时间有了大幅度缩短,并且整体浏览器响应速度非常的迅速。当然,关于速度方面的提升,用语言和图片是不足以描述的,具体有多快,我们还是建议大家下载试用一下。快与不快,一用便知。

v28.6.0 (2019-07-02)
This is a major development update, focusing on under-the-hood improvements and bugfixes, code cleanup, and performance.


Implemented String.prototype.trimStart and String.prototype.trimEnd (ES2019)
Implemented Array.prototype.flat and Array.prototype.flatMap (ES2019)
Implemented Symbol.prototype.description (ES2019)
Added support for gzip-compressed SVG-in-Opentype fonts.
Updated official branding.
Updated reader view components.
Added a preference to control the setting of cookies through meta header information (non-standard feature) and disabled by default.
Updated ES6 Atomics and re-enabled them.
Updated internationalization code to support updated time zones and the Japanese Reiwa era.
Updated NSS to a custom version to have better encryption strength for master passwords.
IMPORTANT: To use this strong encryption and re-key the password database with it, change your master password (can be changed to the same one you already had if desired, but you have to go through the change password process). Depending on your computer and the number of stored passwords, this encryption update may take some time, so please be patient. Please be aware that once re-keyed, the password store will be locked to the new encryption and will no longer be accessible with the master password in older versions of Pale Moon.
Restored “Release notes” in the help menu.
Rearchitectured the application/extension update code.
Added several performance improvements to DOM and the parser.
Improved JavaScript garbage collection of dead compartments.
Fixed a performance issue with painting on some pages.
Improved performance of some websites with complex event regions.
Fixed a potential performance issue in display lists on some pages.
Fixed a rendering bottleneck for the use of XRender when using a remote session.
Fixed graphical artifacts/flickering when using XRender on Intel or Intel-hybrid GPU setups.
Added a DiD fix for potential future issues with inlining array natives.
Fixed a potential UAF situation in the HTML5 parser (DiD)
Fixed an origin-clean bypass issue.
Changed the way permissions for predefined sites are loaded.
Reverted the 28.5.1 change to treat *.jnlp files as executables (CVE-2019-11696) after input from an Oracle representative. Java Web Start files are not executable and should not be treated any different than regular documents handled by external applications.
Removed SecurityUI telemetry.
Removed some other dead telemetry code.
Removed geo-specific selection of default search engines.
Deprecated the use of FUEL.
Removed the unused code for “enhanced tiles” in the new tab page.
Removed preference to brute-force e10s to on.
Removed Unboxed Array code.
Removed Unboxed Object code.
Fixed failure to print if a page contains a 0-sized element.
Fixed an issue with tab-modal dialogs being presented in the wrong order.
Fixed an issue with the tab bar remaining collapsed in customize mode if normally hidden.
Fixed an issue with Sync when choosing to overwrite data with synced data.
Fixed an issue with tab previews on the taskbar.
Fixed an issue with IntersectionObserver viewport accuracy.
Fixed Scroll bar orientation on Mac OS X.
Fixed an issue with anchor/link targets not re-using a named target.
Fixed a build issue with Gnu-CC on PPC64.
Fixed functionality.

Pale Moon 28.6.0


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