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Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 with Service Pack 2

2011-11-03 |

Expression EncoderDo you already have Expression Encoder 4 or Expression Encoder 4 with Service Pack 1 (SP1) installed?
This download adds Encoder 4 SP2 support to your existing Expression Encoder 4 or Expression Encoder 4 with SP1 installation.

Is this a new installation of Expression Encoder 4?
This download installs Expression Encoder 4, Expression Encoder 4 SP1, and Expression Encoder 4 SP2 all at the same time.

What’s new in Expression Encoder 4 SP2?
Expression Encoder is an advanced audio/video-encoding and live-broadcasting application especially suited for generating content that takes full advantage of the rich graphic and interactive capability of Microsoft Silverlight playback scenarios. You can also generate Windows Media video and audio files that are optimized for other web playback scenarios, or appropriate for playback on portable devices.


Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 5.5.1 Updater

2011-09-17 |

PremiereAdobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 software lets you edit faster with true native format support. Get breakthrough performance on workstations and laptops; streamline collaboration; and boost productivity with an efficient, robust, cross-platform editing workflow. Ready to switch to the ultimate toolset for video pros?

Mercury Playback EngineGet amazing performance from the Mercury Playback Engine on both desktops and laptops (Windows® and Mac OS). Natively 64-bit and optimized for modern CPUs, Mercury delivers astounding performance with or without GPU acceleration.

Variable playback resolutionEdit high-resolution projects on lower spec computers with the ability to adjust the playback resolution in the Source or Program Monitor. Separate Playback and Pause resolutions give you more control over monitoring.

GPU-accelerated effectsSpeed up your creative workflow by seeing the results of many effects without having to render them first, thanks to GPU acceleration and the enhanced 64-bit Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, now on workstations and laptops.

Video preview format and resolution settingsAdjust the video preview format and resolution to promote smooth playback when your computer’s hardware is unable to play back the full sequence frame size in real time.


iDVD 7.1.2 Updater

2011-07-12 |

用观赏一张 DVD 的时间你已经可以制作完成你的个人 DVD 了。有了 iDVD,你可以将家庭影片与照片幻灯片制成专业品质的 DVD,并可以添加动态菜单、按钮、场景菜单等功能,全部可以根据你的需要量身定制。

制作 DVD 只要几分钟
当你急切地想将你的电影大作与照片幻灯片与大家分享时,你一定不想花太长的时间制作一张 DVD。有了 iDVD,短短几分钟即可搞定。
DVD 魔术师
你可以制作 Magic iDVD,炫耀你的魔法 DVD 。开启 iDVD 然后选择 Magic iDVD,再选择一个主题,并从 iLife 媒体浏览面板中选取你想展示的影片与照片,然后 Magic iDVD 就会自动完成作品-包括主菜单、按钮、场景菜单以及幻灯片演示菜单。从开始到完成,你要做的就只是刻录。 More


Adobe After Effects CS5.5 10.5.1 Updater

2011-07-07 |

After EffectsAdobe After Effects CS5.5 software is the industry-leading solution for creating sophisticated motion graphics and cinematic visual effects. Transform moving images for delivery to theaters, living rooms, personal computers, and mobile devices.

2D and 3D element combination Work in 2D or 3D, or freely combine 2D and 3D elements in the same composition without having to change modes or redo your work. Default cameras and lights mean you don’t have to set up additional elements just to add dimension to a layer.

3D camera data import Import 3D camera and other 3D data from any 3D tracking software that can export Alias Maya ASCII (MA) files. You can also extract camera information from an RLA/RPF sequence and export After Effects camera data via a number of third-party additions.

Multiple 3D cameras per composition Cut between multiple cameras in the same composition. Define unique cameras by angle of view, lens length, image area size, aperture, depth-of-field blur, and a host of other keyframable parameters.

Light falloff Control how light intensity falls off across 3D distances, just as it does in the real world.


Media Format Feature Pack for Windows 7 N / KN with SP 1

2011-02-23 |

Media Format Feature PackThe Windows Media Format Feature Pack for Windows 7 N or Windows 7 KN will install the Windows Media Format runtime on a computer running Windows 7 N or Windows 7 KN edition, or these editions with Service Pack 1. For further information, please see and query the Knowledge Base for the article number KB968212.

Windows 7 N and Windows 7 KN editions include the same functionality as Windows 7, except that these versions of Windows do not include Windows Media Player, and related technologies.


Adobe Premiere Elements 9.0.1 Updater

2011-01-15 |

Premiere ElementsThe #1 selling consumer video-editing software
Incredible movies, effortlessly! Adobe Premiere Elements 9 software delivers powerful, automated movie-editing options; professional-quality effects; quick and easy sharing; and more. And now enjoy a complete solution for videos whether you use Windows or Mac OS.

You can create polished movies instantly
InstantMovie uses techniques from Hollywood directors to automatically turn your clips into great-looking movies.

Access automatic online backup, 2GB of storage, and more from directly within your movie software.

Whether you use Mac OS or Windows, you can use the #1 selling consumer video-editing software to easily create incredible home movies.


Adobe Soundbooth CS4 2.0.1 Updater

2010-12-16 |

SoundboothAdobe Soundbooth CS4 软体为网页设计人员、视讯编辑人员和其他创意专业人员提供多种工具来建立与润饰音讯、自订音乐和音效等。

Adobe Soundboth 设计目标是为网页及影像工作流程提供高品质的声音讯号,能快速录製、编辑及创作音讯。紧密整合於 Adobe Macromedia Flash 及 Adobe Premiere Pro 中,更让 Adobe Soundbooth 使用者能轻鬆地移除录音杂讯、修饰配音,为作品编排最适合的配乐。

Soundbooth CS4 最大的改变就是开始支援多轨录音(CS3 只支援一轨身历声)。


PureCodec(完美解码) 20101029

2010-10-29 |

完美解码完美解码是一款能实现各种流行视频、HDTV回放及编码的全能 型影音解码包,自带 Media Player Classic、KMPlayer、PotPlayer 三款流行播放器,支持简、英语言平台下安装,能播放AVI、VCD、DVD、MPG、MP4、RMVB、TS、TP、EVO、M2TS、MKV、OGM、 MOV、SCM、CSF、FLV等众多种格式的影音文件。推荐安装环境是 Windows XP/Vista、Windows Media Player 11,不支持 Windows 9X。若要和 Realplayer 同时使用,请在安装时不要选择Real解码组件,QuickTime类似。

如何开启 H.264 / VC-1 硬件加速/解码?
实现H.264硬解关键是H.264解码器要用 CyberLink (DXVA) 或其它有(DXVA)选项的解码器。对于不同显卡、操作系统、媒体封装格式,“视频渲染器”的选择也要有所讲究才能实现,一般成功开启的是 覆盖混合器、VMR7/9、EVR 增强型渲染。
Nvidia 6/7 系列的用户建议使用 93.71/94.24 驱动,Nvidia 8 系列建议升级到 158.22 或以上。
Nvidia 8 及 ATI HD 系列显卡在 Win7 系统需要使用“EVR 增强型渲染”才能实现硬解。


Adobe Media Encoder CS4 4.2.0 Updater

2010-10-27 |

Adobe Media Encoder CS4Adobe® Media Encoder CS4 是一个视频和音频编码应用程序,可让您针对不同应用程序和观众,以各种分发格式对音频和视频文件进行编码。这类视频和音频格式的压缩程度更大,例如:
* 适用于 Adobe Flash Player 的 Adobe® FLV | F4V
* 适用于视频 iPod、3GPP 手机和 PSP 设备的 H.264
* 用于 CD‑ROM 制作的 MPEG‑1(仅适用于 Windows)
* 用于 DVD 制作的 MPEG‑2(仅适用于 Windows)
* Apple® QuickTime®
* Windows Media(仅适用于 Windows)

Adobe Media Encoder 结合了以上格式所提供的众多设置,还包括专门设计的预设设置,以便导出与特定交付媒体兼容的文件。借助 Adobe Media Encoder ,您可以按适合多种设备的格式导出视频,范围从 DVD 播放器、网站、手机到便携式媒体播放器和标清及高清电视。


Windows Movie Maker 2.6

2009-04-07 |

Windows Movie MakerMovie Maker 2.6 是用于计算机无法运行 Movie Maker Vista 版本的 Windows Vista 用户。

测试您的计算机是否能运行 Movie Maker Vista 版本:
1. 从“开始”菜单中单击“所有程序”。
2. 单击“Windows Movie Maker”。

– 如果 Movie Maker 能启动,您不应该下载 2.6 版。

– 如果您收到一个错误信息说:“Windows Movie Maker 不能启动,因为视频卡不支持硬件加速的需要级别,或硬件加速不能使用”,请下载并安装 Movie Maker 2.6。