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AOL Instant Messenger

2012-06-01 |

aim美国在线的王牌通讯工具。是由AOL(Amcrica Online)所发展的网络聊天软件,功能跟ICQ相似,目前已是Netscape Communicator的标准元件,在你安装Netscape Communicator时会一并安装这个软件。

你只要到它的网站注册你个人独一无二的Screen Name(同ICQ的个人Number),当你一上线,你的朋友也有装AIM的话,他的AIM视窗的Buddy List就会显示你已在线上并发出警示音乐,你们就可以利用AIM呼叫对方来Chat (笔谈式聊天),当你下线时对方也会知道。另外,你也可以设定让任何人都可以呼叫你或是只允许某些特定人士可以呼叫你。而AIM视窗中的Buddy List也可编辑群组清单,如你可以将家人的AIM Screen Name放在“Family”这个群组中,朋友的放在“Buddies”群组中,方便分辨与呼叫对方。


Microsoft Messenger for Mac 8.0.1

2011-05-05 |

Microsoft Messenger for MacMicrosoft Messenger for Mac 8.0.1 provides real-time collaboration between people in different locations. You can use instant messaging and audio and video calls to communicate with your contacts.

You can sign in to Messenger for Mac 8.0.1 by using a Windows Live ID. Windows Live IDs include all e-mail accounts ending in “”, “”, “” and other accounts registered with Windows Live.

System Requirements
* Supported Operating Systems:Apple Mac OS X
* Operating System Versions: Mac OS X v10.5.8 or a later version of Mac OS
* Voice: Compatible microphone and speakers, headset with microphone, or equivalent device. Sample devices include: A built-in Apple iSight webcam, an external Apple iSight webcam, or other Mac-compatible audio devices
* Video: Compatible Webcams. Sample devices include: A built-in Apple iSight webcam or an external Apple iSight webcam