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Microsoft Web Platform Installer 5.0

2018-02-07 |

Web PIThe Microsoft Web Platform Installer – WebPI provides a simplified installation workflow for installing common open source web applications and web platform technologies

The Microsoft Web Platform Installer is a free tool that makes it simple to download, install and keep up-to-date with the latest components of the Microsoft Web Platform, including Internet Information Services (IIS), SQL Server Express, .NET Framework and Visual Studio. Web PI also makes it easy to install and run the most popular free web applications for blogging, content management and more with the built-in Windows Web Application Gallery

By clicking the Download links below, you agree to the license terms for the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. This installer will contact Microsoft over the Internet to retrieve product information. Some of the Microsoft software obtained through WebPI may use Microsoft’s Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). To view which software uses CEIP, see here.


Web Deploy 3.6

2017-06-27 |

IISThe Web Deployment Tool simplifies the migration, management and deployment of IIS Web servers, Web applications and Web sites. Administrators can use command-line scripting with the Web Deployment Tool to synchronize IIS 6.0, IIS 7.0 and IIS 8.0 servers or to migrate an IIS 6.0 and IIS 7.0 servers to IIS 8.0. The Web Deployment Tool also enables administrators and delegated users to use IIS Manager to deploy ASP.NET and PHP applications to an IIS 7.0 and later servers.

Migrate Web applications between IIS 6.0, IIS 7.0 and IIS8.0 with ease
Simplify the planning of your IIS 7.0 to IIS 8.0 migrations by determining incompatibilities and previewing the proposed changes before starting the process. Learning about any potential issues in advance gives you the chance to take corrective measures and simplifies migration.


MS11-061 Vulnerability in Remote Desktop Web Access Could Allow Elevation of Privilege (2546250)

2011-08-11 |

Remote Desktop Client此安全更新可解决远程桌面 Web 访问中一个秘密报告的漏洞。 该漏洞是一个跨站点脚本执行 (XSS) 漏洞,可能允许特权提升,使攻击者能够在目标用户的上下文中在站点上执行任意命令。 当浏览到 Internet 区域中的远程桌面 Web 访问服务器时,Internet Explorer 8 和 Internet Explorer 9 中的 XSS 筛选器可针对其用户阻止此攻击。 默认情况下,Internet Explorer 8 和 Internet Explorer 9 中的 XSS 筛选器在 Intranet 区域中未启用。

对于 Windows Server 2008 R2 所有受支持的版本,此安全更新的等级为“重要”。此安全更新通过更正远程桌面 Web 访问的登录页面验证输入参数的方式来解决漏洞。


Microsoft Expression Web 4 Service Pack 2

2011-07-11 |

Expression Web 4Expression Web 4 SP2 applies significant fixes and improvements to publishing, SuperPreview, file management, extensibility, and other areas of the programs.

You can get a more complete description of Expression Web 4 SP2, including a list of issues that are fixed, in the Microsoft Knowledge Base article entitled “Description of the Microsoft Expression Web 4 Service Pack 2.”

Expression Web 4 SP2 includes improvements developed as a result of customer feedback from Microsoft Connect, such as support for jQuery IntelliSense, custom toolbars, and the ability to save workspaces.

Help us improve Expression Web by reporting any technical issues.

For more insight into Expression Web, please see the Expression team blog.


MS09-063 Vulnerability in Web Services on Devices API Could Allow Remote Code Execution (973565)

2009-11-12 |

Web Services on Devices API此安全更新解决 Windows 操作系统上的 Web Services on Devices 应用程序编程接口 (WSDAPI) 中的一个秘密报告的漏洞。 如果受影响的 Windows 系统接收特制数据包,此漏洞可能允许远程执行代码。 只有本地子网上的攻击者才能利用此漏洞。

对于 Windows Vista 和 Windows Server 2008 的所有受支持版本,此安全更新等级为“严重”。有关详细信息,请参阅本节中“受影响和不受影响的软件”小节。


MS09-043 Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office Web Components Could Allow Remote Code Execution (957638)

2009-08-14 |

Microsoft Office Web Components此安全更新解决了 Microsoft Office Web 组件中几个秘密报告的漏洞,如果用户查看特制的网页,这些漏洞可能允许远程执行代码。 成功利用这些漏洞的攻击者可以获得与本地用户相同的用户权限。那些帐户被配置为拥有较少系统用户权限的用户比具有管理用户权限的用户受到的影响要小。

对于 Microsoft Office XP、Microsoft Office 2003、Microsoft Office 2000 Web Components、Microsoft Office XP Web Components、Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components、Microsoft Office 2003 Web Components for the 2007 Microsoft Office system、Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 Standard Edition、Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2004 Enterprise Edition、Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006、Microsoft BizTalk Server 2002、Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003 和 Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting 2006 的所有受支持版本,此安全更新的等级为“严重”。

此安全更新通过当 ActiveX 控件用于 Internet Explorer 时正确处理内存分配、更正 Office Web 组件 ActiveX 控件方法的验证逻辑以及执行其他的参数验证来解决漏洞。