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2021-09-01 | [6,201]

Brave Browser 1.29 Stable


Brave BrowserBrave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. The browser blocks ads and website trackers. The company has proposed adopting a Get paid to surf business model in a future version of the browser.

Brave created a new “blockchain-based advertising model that reforms the current system with privacy by design and 70 percent revenue share to users in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT)”. Users may opt-in to view ads to earn BAT which they may convert into digital assets and fiat currencies, or use to support their favorite publishers, content creators, and companies.

According to Brave Software, “ad matching happens directly” on user devices which means that data is not sent to anyone.

Release Channel 1.29.76

Full Release Notes

Added Gemini two-way Brave Rewards wallet. (#17161 7)
Added prompt to enable crash reporting. (#1841)
Added support for launching Brave with a Tor window when using the terminal/command line interface. (#2105 1)
Added “Show Search Tabs button” setting under brave://settings/appearance. (#16007)
Added “walletActive” parameter to the stats usage ping. (#17059 5)
Added ephemeral support to “BroadcastChannel”. (#17220)
Added Uphold user ID under brave://rewards-internals to assist with rewards support. (#16937 4)
Added a “Relaunch” button which displays after the in-line “Tips Settings” are modified. (#16941)
Changed the location of QR code for iOS devices to be under the “Manage Your Wallet” modal on brave://rewards page. (#16954 1)
Updated the date of installation parameter in the stats ping to expire in 30 days. (#17089 3)
Reduced the height of the download bar. (#1638)
Removed the Brave Rewards semi-verified user wallet state which occurred in certain cases. (#15390 2)
Fixed IPFS links not being fully displayed in the Brave Rewards panel. (#16612 1)
Fixed mute button moving when hovering on an inactive tab. (#16860 1)
Fixed the close “x” button not being shown on tab hover with small tab size on macOS. (#13946 1)
Fixed inconsistent capitalization in menu items on Windows and Linux. (#17309)
Upgraded Chromium to 93.0.4577.58. (#17668) (Changelog for 93.0.4577.58 6)


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