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2024-01-23 | [350]

Floorp 11.8.2


FloorpFloorp is a cutting-edge web browser that combines the trusted foundation of Mozilla’s Firefox with a unique Japanese perspective, offering users an exceptional online experience. This open-source browser prioritizes privacy, customization, and security. Floorp is transparent, with no user tracking or data sharing, and it’s completely open source. With a strict no-tracking policy and full transparency, your personal information remains private. As an open-source project, Floorp not only shares its source code but also its build environment, inviting users to contribute and build their unique versions. The regular updates, based on Firefox ESR, ensure that you always have the latest features and security enhancements.

Get to the point with Floorp Lightning’s minimalism

With a keen eye on user preferences, Floorp is gearing up to launch “Floorp Lightning,” a streamlined and performance-focused browser, harkening back to the fundamentals of web browsing. This browser has undergone a meticulous transformation, shedding more than 80% of the features that characterized its predecessor. What remains are only the high-demand functionalities within the Floorp ecosystem.

The result is a sleek, lean, and swift web browser optimized for maximum efficiency. In the ever-accelerating digital world, “Floorp Lightning” is poised to offer users a refreshingly nimble and responsive browsing experience, set to debut in beta mode this November.

Floorp key features:

Strong Tracking Protection: Floorp offers robust tracking protection, safeguarding users from malicious tracking and fingerprinting on the web.
Flexible Layout: Customize Floorp’s layout to your heart’s content, including moving the tab bar, hiding the title bar, and more for a personalized browsing experience.
Switchable Design: Choose from five distinct designs for the Floorp interface, and even switch between OS-specific designs for a unique look
Regular Updates: Based on Firefox ESR, Floorp receives updates every four weeks, ensuring up-to-date security even before Firefox’s releases.
No User Tracking: Floorp prioritizes user privacy by abstaining from collecting personal information, tracking users, or selling user data, with no affiliations with advertising companies.
Completely Open Source: The full source code for Floorp is open to the public, allowing transparency and enabling anyone to explore and build their own version.
Dual Sidebar: Floorp features a versatile built-in sidebar for webpanels and browsing tools, making it perfect for multitasking and quick access to bookmarks, history, and websites.
Flexible Toolbar & Tab Bar: Customize your browser with Tree Style Tabs, vertical tabs, and bookmark bar modifications, catering to both beginners and experts in customization.
User-Centric Web Experience: Floorp prioritizes user privacy and collaboratively blocks harmful trackers.

v11.8.2 Release Notes

At First
New Workspace Update Warning!!

**If you get problem relate to “Simple Tab Groups”, Please disable workspaces on preferences**

If you use new Workspaces, please use “customize toolbar” & Drag Workspaces button to toolbar.

❌ Fixed
Various security fixes.
Resolved an issue where vertical tab bar could no longer be scrolled with the mouse wheel if “Collapse Vertical Tabs” was enabled when vertical tabs were enabled.
Add various no compatibility website injections.
Resolved an issue where the workspace would occasionally multiply into two if the workspace setting “Manage workspaces in the browser manager sidebar” was enabled and Floorp was set not to restore the previous tab when starting up.
Resolved workspace button bloat issue in Fluerial UI.
Fixed an issue where digital signatures were missing in the Windows version.

? Unresolved
Floorp on macOS is experiencing an issue where the workspace context menu proliferates. This problem does not affect usability, but we would like to fix it (if possible) within the next month.


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