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2020-12-09 | [4,489]

CentBrowser 4.3.9


CentBrowserCent Browser is an enhanced web browser based on Chromium. It has many convenient features like mouse gesture, scrollable tab bar, auto hide bookmark bar, incognito tab, boss key, etc.

Cent Browser is an enhanced version of the Chromium web browser that bundles many useful features, such as scrollable tab bar, automatic memory optimization, lazy session loading, mouse gesture, super drag and a lot of tab options.It makes your web surfing easier, more comfortable and more secure. Cent Browser Free Download Latest Version for Windows PC. It is full offline setup installer of Cent Browser.

Cent Browser Features:

Google Chrome Based
Based on the prominent web browser project – Chromium, Cent Browser inherits all of Google Chrome’s advantages.

Mouse Gesture
Hold on and move the right mouse button to execute commands without using the keyboard, menus or toolbars.

Scrollable Tab Bar
Set minimum tab width to avoid tabs becoming too small.Scroll entire tab bar by mouse wheel.(similar to Firefox tab bar).

Super Drag
Drag something to open quickly by left mouse button.

Lots of Tab Options
Provide plenty of tab options, such as ‘Double Click To Close Tab’, ‘Right Click To Close Tab’, ‘Hide Tab Close Button’, ‘Switch Tab By Mouse Wheel’, etc.There is always an option to feed your needs.

Incognito Tab
No need to to open new window, just use incognito mode for new tabs.Also can be used as a multi-login tab.(similar to older Opera’s New Private Tab).

v4.3.9.226 [2020-12-08]
Upgraded to Chromium 86.0.4240.198
Adjusted new tab page for dark mode
Press Ctrl to force using built-in downloader when downloading
Holding on Ctrl and right click or middle click the new tab button to open multiple URLs
Show “Skip Ads” button for Youtube under web page fullscreen mode
Supported shortcut key customization for “Close other tabs” and etc
Supported installing for all users
Supported BitComet in the downloader list
Supported command line –cb-disable-group-policy to disable group policy
Added menu commands “Export passwords” and “Import passwords”
Added shortcut(Alt+Shift+I) for “Copy page as image”
Added bookmarks option “Insert new bookmarks at the top of the folder”
Added privacy option “Disable Bookmarks suggestions in the address bar”
Added privacy option “Disable History suggestions in the address bar”
[Bug fixes]Tab hover image may cause deadlock
[Bug fixes]Image saved from Alt+I can’t be shown in Windows Photo Viewer
[Bug fixes]Emoji show as square in Win10 2004 when DirectWrite is disabled
[Bug fixes]No Favicon for bookmarks added from context menu command in incognito window
[Bug fixes]Video popup toolbar show in wrong position in some cases
[Bug fixes]Browser crashes when chrome://flags/#scrollable-tabstrip is enabled
[Bug fixes]Browser always confirm exiting downloading whatever the option “When closing the last tab” is
[Bug fixes]Multiple issue regarding tab groups

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