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2017-10-11 | [5,041]

Waterfox 55.2.2


WaterfoxWaterfox is basically a 64-Bit version of Firefox. The Firefox source code is taken and compiled to run specifically for 64-Bit Windows computers. To make Waterfox stand out a bit more, it’s compiled with optimizations so that it will run more efficiently and faster than just compiling Firefox as a 64-Bit program. For some people with older systems, the 64-Bit version loads quicker and is much more responsive than the 32-Bit build.

In benchmarks, the 64-Bit variant of Firefox out-performs the 32-Bit variant. Also because this variant is being built specifically for Windows, there might be further performance increases. Waterfox was compiled with SSE, SSE2, x64 favoring and the following optimisation flags: /Og /Oi /Ot /Oy /Ob2 /Gs /GF /Gy

Add-Ons work on any version of Firefox, on any platform.

What’s new in Waterfox 55.2.2?

Stop Mozilla from installing add-ons without user permission.
If these add-ons are already installed, they will be removed within a day of using the updated version.

What’s new in Waterfox 55.2.1 and Add hidden Mozilla extensions to blocklist Stop calls to Mozilla Social API
Patched crash on Windows 7 systems, from 56.0.1 release. Bug 1403353.
Don’t build AUS Helper extension.
Disable Battery Status API for privacy reasons.
Update bundled search plugins to their OpenSearch equivalents where available.
Revert to Ecosia as default, while issues are resolved with Yahoo.
Update blocklist (extension, plugin and certificate).

What’s new in Waterfox 55.2.0?

Patched security issues from 52.4 ESR/56 Release. (Mozilla Security Advisories)
Linux: Switched to an older build environment for better compatibility of libraries.
Linux: No longer statically link libgcc.
Linux: Backported patches for issues with FreeType.
macOS: 10.13 has graphical issues with the GUI. Will wait for all patches to release before fixing in 56.
Android: Download APK or from Google Play Store (slight delay).
Yahoo is now the default search partner, but you may still use Ecosia to support Waterfox

Operating System: Windows 7 64-Bit or later


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