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2018-07-04 | [1,089]

Logitech Options for Win & Mac 6.90


logitechLogitech Options software lets you customize your device’s settings as follows:

Change function key shortcuts
Customize mouse buttons
Adjust point and scroll behavior
Enable and disable touchpad gestures
Get on-screen notifications when your device’s battery runs low or when you press a lock key

Why Update?
Added support for the following devices
MX900 Performance
Wireless Combo MK330
Bug fixes

Works with these products

K375s 多设备无线键盘
K380 多设备蓝牙键盘
K540 Wireless Keyboard
K780 多设备无线键盘
K850 无线键盘
M188 无线鼠标
M336 蓝牙鼠标
M337 蓝牙鼠标
M585 多设备鼠标
M590 多设备静音鼠标
M705 Marathon 鼠标
M720 Triathlon 多设备鼠标
MK235 无线键鼠套装
MK540 ADVANCED Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo
MK545 ADVANCED Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo
MK850 性能版无线键鼠套装
MX Anywhere 2
MX Anywhere 2S 无线鼠标
MX ERGO 无线轨迹球
MX Master 2S 无线鼠标
MX Master 无线鼠标
带创意输入旋钮的 Craft 出色键盘
无线触控键盘 K400 Plus
无线迷你鼠标 M187
无线鼠标 B170
无线鼠标 M170
无线鼠标 M171
无线鼠标 M185
无线鼠标 M235
无线鼠标 M275
无线鼠标 M280
无线鼠标 M310t
无线鼠标 M545
无线鼠标 M546
蓝牙多设备键盘 K480


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