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Avira AntiVir Personal 2019

2018-11-14 |

aviraAvira FREE Antivirus is a reliable free antivirus solution, that constantly and rapidly scans your computer for malicious programs. Monitors every action executed by the user or the operating system and reacts promptly when a malicious program is detected. Lightweight and powerful, Avira Free Antivirus offers Real-Time malware detection, a pop-up blocker, privacy tools and safety ratings for your search results.

Avira AntiVir FREE Antivirus features:
Control Center for monitoring, managing and controlling the entire program
Central configuration with user-friendly standard and advanced options and context-sensitive help
System Scanner (on-demand scan) with profile-controlled and configurable scan for all known types of virus and malware
Integration into the Windows User Account Control allows you to carry out tasks requiring administrator rights.
Real-Time Protection (on-access scan) for continuous monitoring of all file access attempts
Integrated Scheduler for planning one-off or recurring jobs such as updates or scans
Extremely high virus and malware detection via innovative scanning technology (scan engine) including heuristic scanning method
Detection of all conventional archive types including detection of nested archives and smart extension detection
High-performance multithreading function (simultaneous high-speed scanning of multiple files)
…and much more.


Comodo Personal Firewall 2013 6.0

2012-12-21 |

comodoComodo Personal Firewall 这是一款功能强大的、高效的且容易使用的,提供了针对网络和个人用户的最高级别的保护,从而阻挡黑客的进入和个人资料的泄露。能够提供程序访问网络权限的底层最全面的控制能力,提供网络窃取的最终抵制,实时流量监视器可以在发生网络窃取和洪水攻击时迅速作出反应,通过简单的界面安装后,Comodo 个人防火墙安全的连接到互联网。针对网络攻击完备的安全策略,迅速抵御黑客和网络欺诈。使用友好的点击式用户界面来确认或阻拦网络访问;完全免疫攻击;通过使您的PC隐身而抵御黑客攻击。

Comodo Firewall是少数完全实现TCP/UDP 全状态检测的个人防火墙。Comodo Firewall 自身集成了COMODO 已认证程序数据库,包括了近20000个通过认证的可执行文件的数字认证(校验)信息。