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2019-09-21 | [6,135]

VMware Workstation Player 15.5.0


VMware PlayerVMware Player is the easiest way to run multiple operating systems at the same time on your PC. With its user-friendly interface, VMware Player makes it effortless for anyone to try out Windows 8, Windows 7, Chrome OS, the latest Linux releases, or create isolated virtual machines to safely test new software. VMware Player is free for personal use. VMware Player is now available for commercial use with support offerings as a component of VMware Fusion Professional.

Best Way to Run Windows XP
VMware Player is the best way to run legacy Windows XP applications on Windows 7 or Windows 8. With unity mode, copy-and-paste, drag-and-drop, and networking and printing that require no additional setup, XP applications will run seamlessly on modern hardware.

Run Restricted Virtual Machines
VMware Player with a commercial license will run restricted virtual machines created by VMware Workstation or VMware Fusion Professional. It’s the easiest way to run restricted virtual machines on Windows or Linux PCs.

Safest Way to Try New Software
VMware Player is the ideal way to run corporate virtual machines, experiment with new operating systems or safely try and test new software in an isolated environment on your PC.

Most Advanced Virtualization Platform
VMware Player takes advantage of the latest hardware to create virtual machines with up to 4 virtual processors, 2 TB virtual disks and up to 64 GB of memory per virtual machines. And with support for DirectX 9.0c Shader Model 3 and OpenGL 2.1 3D graphics in a Windows and Linux virtual machine, VMware Player can easily handle your most demanding applications.

Recycle Old Hardware
Use VMware vCenter Converter to transform your existing Windows PCs into a virtual machine and eliminate the need to re-install and re-configure your existing applications. Now you can recycle the old machines you have running under your desk or stored in the closet.

What’s New

VMware Workstation 15.5 Player is a free upgrade for all VMware Workstation 15 Player users. It includes the following updates:

Support for new guest operating systems:
Windows 10 19H2
Debian 10.0/10.1
Debian 9.11
Oracle Linux 8.0
SLE 15 SP1
FreeBSD 12.0
PhotonOS 3.0
Jumbo frame support: Virtual networks can now be configured with MTU sizes of up to 9000 bytes.
Open VM Tools is the default VMware Tools for applicable Linux virtual machine:

For more information, see Workstation 15.5 Player for Windows and Workstation 15.5 Player for Linux product documentation.

VMware Workstation 15.5 Player also contains performance improvements, bug fixes and security updates.
Important Fixes

This release of VMware Workstation Player addresses the following issues:

Workstation 15.5 Player addresses the use-after-free and denial-of-service vulnerabilities. The Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures project ( has assigned the following IDs to these issues :
CVE-2019-5527 (use-after-free )
CVE-2019-5535 (denial-of-service)

For more information, see VMSA-2019-0014.

Implemented DLL loading security improvements, suggested by Peleg Hadar of Safebreach.

Prior Releases

Features and Known Issues from prior releases of VMware Workstation 15 Player are described in the release notes for each release. To view the release notes for a prior release, click the appropriate link:

VMware Workstation 15.1 Player
VMware Workstation 15.0.4 Player
VMware Workstation 15.0.3 Player
VMware Workstation 15.0.2 Player
VMware Workstation 15.0.1 Player
VMware Workstation 15 Player

Resolved Issues

Workstation gets an unknown error when the SVGA settings is changed during the virtual machine installation wizard.

During virtual machine creation, after changing Display settings in Customize hardware window, saving the configuration can cause an unknown error.

This issue is now resolved.
Sometimes, Fedora 30 VM can’t be powered on correctly, a black screen appears for a long time.

When a Fedora 30 virtual machine is created and powered on, it does not power on correctly and a black screen is displayed.

This issue is now resolved. VMware has fixed the issue and committed the kernel since kernel-5.1.8-300.fc30.

For users stuck on boot and cannot perform the kernel package upgrade, edit Grub during boot to delete rhgb option to boot-up successfully. After boot, perform the kernel upgrade.
Scrolling becomes erratic in Windows guest when a non-default keyboard layout is selected in Ubuntu host

In Ubuntu 18.04 (GNOME Desktop) host, when a non-default keyboard layout is selected, scrolling in Windows guests is erratic.
This screen randomly scrolls up or down when the mouse is moved in the virtual machine in some scrollable panes, such as the start menu.

This issue is now resolved.
Battery status report is incorrect in windows virtual machine running on Windows 10 1903 host

On a Windows 10 1903 host, battery status is incorrect in the windows virtual machine. The battery icon in the status bar remains red and not charging even though the laptop is plugged-in.

This issue is now resolved.


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