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2020-08-05 | [7,326]

Music Center for PC 2.3.0


SONY Music CenterA function for transferring music to the audio devices such as the WALKMAN® and playback of High-Resolution Audio content are available.

An application for organizing and transferring music on audio devices manufactured by Sony Music Center for PC.

Sony Music Center for PC is a thoroughly-designed Sony application that allows you to play high-resolution audio content, manage and organize songs within an intuitive environment, play them using network-compatible Sony devices, as well as transfer content to your WALKMAN players.

You can view a comprehensive list with all the supported devices here and other useful information and how to transfer music content here.

Official Sony product specialized on playing and transferring audio
For those of you accustomed to Sony’s WALKMAN products, this app may seem a bit familiar. That’s because there’s another Sony application for the PC that has a fairly similar spec sheet, and it goes by the name of Media Go.

Even if they may seem very much alike at first glance, you should know that Music Center for PC is geared more towards audio without offering much in terms of video and photo management features. Another noteworthy difference between them is the broader support for new audio formats, something that Music Center for PC does better.

Novice-accessible utility that should be tried-out by most WALKMAN users
Having said that, you should be able to get the application up and running in practically no time, thanks to its intuitive, wizard-based installer. Upon launching the app, you are greeted by a well-organized main window with a classic menu bar on the upper part, a comprehensive music player with equalizer and the typical library/song list panel at the bottom.

As we’re sure you’ll discover, the app allows you to organize music content quite thoroughly and even import music content from any WALKMAN device. You are also provided with the possibility of transferring playlists, as well as lyrics files to and from your PC, just to give you a basic idea about the app’s capabilities.

Nicely designed app that should improve your experience with your WALKMAN devices
Music Center for PC might seem to fall a bit short when compared to its sibling, Media Go, but the truth is that this app may prove a lot more useful for users who are mainly interested in moving audio content to and from their WALKMAN devices.

To make things even better, it’s easy to install, it’s very user-friendly, it supports a broad range of new-age audio formats, and it also benefits from a relatively impressive documentation section, as specified at the beginning of our review.

Music Center for PC 2.3.0 has been released.

To users using the Walkman® NW-A100 series and NW-ZX500 series

To improve connection stability, please update Music Center for PC and the onboard software of your product to the latest versions. If either one of these is not using the latest version, you may not be able to connect Music Center for PC to your Walkman.

Main Update Details

The app automatically shows to the transfer screen when the Walkman is connected
The app automatically switches to Import from CD screen when CD is inserted
The app checks whether the same songs are included when add songs to a playlist
Other operational stability and performance improvements

Compatible OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 7


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