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2022-12-06 | [15,575]

Winamp 5.91


WinampWinamp 是一个非常著名的高保真的音乐播放软件, 支持 MP3、MP2、MOD、S3M、MTM、ULT、XM、IT、669、CD-Audio、Line-In、WAV、VOC、AVI、OGG、WMV、 MPG 等多种音频和视频格式。可以定制界面 Skins, 支持增强音频视觉和音频效果的 Plug-ins, 通过一些非常实用的扩展插件来增强其功能。


Winamp 5.9.1 Build 10029

Winamp 5.9.1
* Improved: [ml_local / nde] Memory footprint reduction
* Improved: [ml_local] Load time speedup and other optimizations
* Improved: [ml_online] Increased maximum bandwidth (from 350 to 3500)
* Improved: Playlist loader/writer refactoring
* Improved: [dlmgr] Increased buffer size for faster podcast downloads
* Improved: [Bento skin] Increased menu & config widths to help with translations
* Improved: [Installer] VS2019 runtime checker script (thanks Pawel Porwisz)
* Fixed: Hang when reopening Winamp if previously placed on disconnected monitor
* Fixed: [Installer] Silent install switch blocked by external dependencies
* Fixed: [gen_ff] Windowshade and Docked Toolbar modes not remembered on restart
* Fixed: [gen_tray] Settings not being saved after Winamp restart
* Fixed: [in_mp4/libmp4v2] Overflow and seek issues with specific mp4 videos
* Fixed: [in_wave/libsndfile] Error parsing list subchunks with some riff headers
* Fixed: [ml_downloads] Cancelling multi-selection only cancelled first item
* Fixed: [ml_playlists] Crash when editing playlist entry
* Fixed: [ml_wire/xml] Display of non-Latin characters in Podcasts
* Fixed: [out_ds] Crossfader broken in Bento/Modern skin EQ
* Fixed: [out_ds] Potential buffer overflow issues
* Fixed: [out_wasapi] Crash on opening flv videos (rendering still needs fixing)
* Fixed: Memory leaks
* Fixed: Reported issues with special/unicode characters
* Fixed: [vis_avs] AVS Editor menu not localized when lang pack applied
* Misc: Many more general tweaks, improvements, fixes and optimizations
* Misc: Replaced nu::PtrMap with std::map and nu::PtrList with std::vector
* Misc: [vcpkg] changed from manifest to classic mode
* Removed: [wbm] Lazy-loading wbm system files (no longer required)
* Updated: [in_flac/enc_flac] libFLAC 1.4.2
* Updated: [in_mod] libopenmpt 0.6.6
* Updated: [OpenSSL] OpenSSL 3.0.5
* Updated: [vpx] libvpx 1.12.0
* Updated: [xml] expat 2.4.9
* Updated: [zlib] zlib 1.2.13
* New/Improved: [ml_downloads/ml_playlists] Download context menu in ML
* New: [ml_nft] Import, play and download music from your NFT Library (optional)


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