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2013-06-07 | [4,811]

Aperture 3.4.5 Updater


ApertureWhat’s New in Aperture 3
Faces and Places. Brushes for precision retouching. Dozens of adjustment presets. True full-screen browsing and editing. And that’s just part of the perfect picture.

Faces: Faces makes it faster and easier to search thousands of photos for shots of a particular person.
Places: Now you can use GPS location data to explore your photos by the places they were taken. Better still, find them on an interactive map.
Brushes: New nondestructive, edge-aware brushes let you selectively apply powerful adjustments to photos.
Adjustment Presets: Dozens of new adjustment presets give your photos a wide range of looks. In just one click.
Full-Screen Browser: Take advantage of your Apple display to get a big, uncluttered, full-screen view of your library.
Advanced Slideshows: Create spectacular multimedia shows with photos, HD video clips, titles, layered soundtracks, and professionally designed themes.

About Aperture 3.4.5

What’s New in Version 3.4.5
Addresses an issue that could cause Aperture to quit unexpectedly when deleting items from a camera or memory card after import
Memory cards are now ejected correctly when using the Delete Items option after import
Includes stability improvements

System Requirements
OS X Lion 10.7.5
OS X 10.8.2 or later

Supported Languages
Deutsch, English, Français, 日本語, 简体中文


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