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2017-04-29 | [3,115]

Orchard CMS 1.10.2


OrchardOrchard is a free, open source, community-focused project aimed at delivering applications and reusable components on the ASP.NET platform.

Orchard will create shared components for building ASP.NET applications and extensions, and specific applications that leverage these components to meet the needs of end-users, designers, developers, and Web professionals. Additionally, we seek to create partnerships with existing application authors to help them achieve their goals. Orchard is delivered as part of the ASP.NET Open Source Gallery under the Outercurve Foundation. It is licensed under a New BSD license, which is approved by the OSI.

The intended output of the Orchard project is three-fold:
* Individual .NET-based applications that appeal to end-users, designers, developers, and Web professionals
* A set of re-usable components that makes it easy to build such applications
* A vibrant community to help define these applications and extensions

In the near term, the Orchard project is focused on delivering a .NET-based CMS application that will allow users to rapidly create content-driven Websites, and an extensibility framework that will allow developers and customizers to provide additional functionality through module extensions and themes.

What’s new?
Orchard 1.10.2 fixes bugs and introduces the following notable changes and features:

Custom Lucene analyzer selection
New workflow activity to remove a role
Strict Transport Security option for SSL
Content Picker localization
Filter widgets by culture

Vary output cache by cookie
“Publish later” tasks can be removed
Default database indexes on Tags and Taxonomies
Individual form submissions exports
“Save” is renamed “Save Draft”
C#5 validation is enforced
New User.Parameter token

Scheduled task is not deleted when the content is published
Taxonomy sorting
User Media folder names collisions
Blog post permissions
Configured database isolation level is not respected
Gallery search is failing
CacheManager is not thread-safe
MySql failures on Setup
Exporting TextField with empty values down’t work
Job queue is not processed in batches


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