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2022-09-20 | [8,439]

FileZilla Client 3.61


filezillaFileZilla是一个免费开源的FTP客户端软件,分为客户端版本和服务器版本,具备所有的FTP软件功能。可控性、有条理的界面和管理多站点的简化方式使得Filezilla客户端版成为一个方便高效的FTP客户端工具,而FileZilla Server则是一个小巧并且可靠的支持FTP&SFTP的FTP服务器软件。

FileZilla 3.60 bugfixes and minor changes:
SFTP: Fixed error handling if reading from child process fails
Fixed transfers following recursive operations not starting if the connection limit has been set to 1 in the Site Manager

FileZilla 3.61.0 bugfixes and minor changes:
Updated to libfilezilla 0.39.1


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