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2022-06-23 | [5,565]

FastCopy 4.16





Changes in v4.1.6:

Fixed a rare exception on exit.

Changes in v4.1.0:

Support WebHook Notification. (Send the completion notification to Slack or etc)

v4.0.2 Fixed an issue where the extended filter specification did not work.
v4.0.1 Fixed an issue where ‘\’ is added to the DestDir even if there is no ‘\’ at the end of the DestDir in command line specification.
v4.0.0 Added FcHash.exe (xxHash3/SHA-based fast hash calculation command line)
Added fcp.exe (command line version of FastCopy)
. OpenSSL is incorporated, and CPU usage when SHA-256 is used is reduced to 1/3 (& faster).
Added option to record src hash value without verifying.
Added option to always use LowI/O.
Added SHA-512 mode to verify.
Added “Delete before copying” option in synchronous mode. (It will be a little slower if there are many files.)
Improved HDD I/O speed
Improved xxHash speed
Fixed a problem that when DestDir is NAS, the update date is set to current when Verify Information is enabled.
Fixed a problem where the value of XXH3 at size 0 was the value of the xxh3 beta version. (Incorrect: 0x07fd4e968e916ae11f17545bce1061f1, Correct: 0x99aa06d3014798d86001c324468d497f)
Fixed a rare problem that the filter does not work correctly when using multiple directories in Source and absolute path filter.
Other bug fixes.


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