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Becky! Internet Mail 2.57

2011-06-02 |

Becky! Internet MailBecky是优秀的邮件软件之一。Becky支持多信箱,语音邮件、信件过滤器、定时提醒,支持HTML格式邮件,Becky还能让你直接删除或选择性的下载远端服务器上的邮件,完全支持双字节内码,经过设置可以在不外挂任何多内码语言支持软件的情况下看繁体信件(但需安装微软的繁体语言支持包),支持语音邮件,Becky支持PGP加密,编辑界面及操类似WORD。

Ver.2.56.05 -> Ver.2.57.00 (2011/6/1)
– “Not Included” option is added to the Query dialog.
– “Disallow dropping to Outbox” option is added to “General Setup” >”Tree/List”.
– “Display Green Tasks’ number” option is added to “General Setup” >”Tree/List”. Counts of not-urgent tasks will be also visible at the tree view by this option.
– System registry key “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Clients\Mail\Becky!
Ver.2” will hold the current version number as “VersionString” value.